A note from Wayne…

I just received this message from Mr. Maunder and am passing it on via this site, as requested. It’s really sad things reached this point, but the truth is there is much more to Mr. Maunder than the few years he was active in front of the camera, and he is deserving of our respect.

“This is not a happy announcement for me. Most of the people that I have dealt with that enjoy the Lancer show have been absolutely wonderful. But there are some who have been extremely troublesome over the years. It has reached the point where I just don’t need this aggravation. Therefore, I have decided to withdraw from all activities concerning any of my past performance work. I will no longer be involved with any activities concerning Lancer, Chase or Custer.

I wish you all well, and please, keep supporting Jim


P.S.  I have discussed this with Antigoni and she is not happy about it but she says she will respect my decision and privacy.”

Wayne also requested that I ask “the wonderful fans of the show to not send me gifts, cards, or e-mails”.  In order to ensure this occurs, he will be closing down all previous contact points. I am personally asking all of you to please respect his wishes.