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  1. I’ll see if I can find the one in my files. 🙂

  2. Is there any chance of getting the baby picture of Mr. Stacy back? I miss seeing it! Thank you for keeping this site going. The loss of James/Maurice is still overpowering and raw. My thoughts and prayers for Antigoni and the Elias family are given every day.

    Thank you, Kit!


  3. About a year ago I noticed this incredible good-looking young man on an episode of Perry Mason and then saw more of him on several Gunsmoke episodes. Not only was he handsome he was also a great actor. As I searched out information on the man I learned of the horrible accident he was in and how it changed his life. None of the horrific things he went through late in his life takes away from his talent and all the pleasure he gave so many of us and continues to give via repeats. Hope this site stays active and grows.

  4. So happy to find this website, l had a crush on Johnny and Maurice/ James since I started watching Lancer at the age of 8. I used to watch the show religiously and was very upset when it went off the air. I was heartbroken when I heard of the accident, and admired him for his role in Just a little inconvenience. I got busy in life but continued looking out for him in movies and tv shows. Recently I was watching Gunsmoke and saw 2 episodes with him in them. That got me started in searching the web and YouTube, I would like to give my condolences to Antigoni and the rest of the Elias family. He will be greatly missed. His acting was always excellent and I would love to get the Lancer dvd set but I worry about the quality of the recording. Now that I know of your website I will follow your updates. This is a very nice place for fans to express there feelings and thoughts. I have been so affected by the news of his lose, but I do agree hopefully you will meet again one day.

  5. Hello to all James Stacy fans, friends and family!

    I was curious if the plans were still in order for the release of the Lancer pilot episode? I haven’t heard anything and being an avid fan I can only hope that that this plan is still in the works. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Lancer, the great show that it was and, in my opinion, the best western ever. And the incredible character of JML that James Stacy brought to life with such ease!
    Kit, thank you for your efforts in maintaining this web site. You’ve have done an excellent job!
    Antigoni and Little Rube, you are in my thoughts and prayers every day and I wish you comfort and strength. I know what it’s like to lose the love of your life. My comfort comes in knowing that one day we will be together again. My husband will be free from the Alzheimer’s that claimed him and James will be standing on two legs ready to hug you with two arms. God bless you for loving him!


  6. What a wonderful website honoring a great man, James Stacy. God bless Kit for her dedication. Also, thoughts and prayers are with Antigoni and Ruby; may Antigoni always feel the joy she had in her life with James/Maurice and hold it in her heart forever. Sending much love.

  7. Farewell to Elisabeth Baur. I was stunned to read under the picture of the beautiful actress:
    «She portrayed Officer Fran Belding on the NBC crime series after starring on a CBS Western, Lancer.
    Elizabeth Baur, who helped Raymond Burr bring the bad guys to justice as Officer Fran Belding on the long-running NBC crime drama Ironside, has died. She was 69. Baur died Sept. 30 in Los Angeles following a lengthy illness, publicist Paul Gendreau announced.
    Earlier, Baur starred as Teresa O’Brien, the ward of a rancher (Andrew Duggan), for two seasons on the 1968-1970 CBS Western Lancer.
    Baur also appeared on such shows as Batman, Daniel Boone, Room 222, Emergency!, Police Woman, Fantasy Island and Remington Steele. Survivors also include her husband Steve, her daughter, and a first cousin, star Sharon Gless (Sgt. Christine Cagney in the drama series Cagney & Lacey).» For me, you will always be Teresa …

  8. My husband & I just finished watching the two~part episode “Vengence” on Gunsmoke that aired in Sept. 1967. I forgot how incredibly handsome James was & his just as incredible acting. In 1967 I was almost 9yrs old & fell in love with him! Drove my parents crazy! Then that tragic & devastating motorcycle accident that changed his life forever. Rest in Peace Mr. James Stacy. You are missed & loved. ❤

  9. Today September 9 is the 1 year anniversary of James Stacy’s passing. The world lost a truly wonderful person, but heaven gained a bright new star. R.I.P. James. You are loved, and missed by many. You will never be forgotten.

  10. Thank you very much Kit for the beautiful screen of August 28, 2017. Oh what memories! Childhood happy and carefree. A great team and such a wonderful Jim, so beautiful. The music the scenarios, the rhythm, the horses … It is true that she was very nice this series. Thanks Kit.

  11. Il est plus de minuit et c’est à toi que je pense Jim. Demain, un an déjà. Oui ce soir je pense…
    Je peux te tutoyer et t’écrire en Français car aux cieux cela ne gêne pas.
    Je pense à l’an dernier, ce mois de septembre, le soleil brillait et je voulais te lire, écrire un mot vers toi.
    Quand la réalité cruelle vers mon village lointain, comme pour d’autres dans le monde,
    s’est fait connaître enfin.
    L’émotion m’envahit alors avec une stupéfaction brutale et je refusais de croire ce que les mots annonçaient.
    Je pense aux souvenirs que j’ai eu ce jour là, ton sourire ta voix ton regard que je ne croiserais pas.
    Plus tard, l’étoile que j’avais observé, alors que tes beaux yeux saphir depuis longtemps déjà
    s’étaient refermés, dans le ciel d’ébène de mes pensées elle s’est mise à briller.
    Je me souviens ce soir là n’avoir eu que le souhait de prier affectueusement pour un doux ami.
    Je pense à ton charisme inoubliable, à ton visage merveilleux, à ta gentillesse à ta camaraderie, à ta joie contagieuse qui faisait si plaisir à tant d’autre que moi.
    Je pense à ton talent émérite, souvent envoûtant et tant émouvant.
    Je pense à cet artiste que l’on voulait tous rencontrer
    ou l’incomparable béguin qu’on n’a jamais renier.
    Je pense à ta vie tourmentée, à tes abnégations à ton courage.
    je pense à tes combats à tes épreuves, à ta rédemption.
    je pense à l’éblouissante beauté au printemps de ta vie
    et ton doux visage des temps du crépuscule.
    je pense enfin, à ton sourire envolé que nous avons perdu
    et à la chance des anges la haut de le récupérer.
    Ce soir je suis là, je n’ai pas oublié Jim Stacy que Maurice nous a offert.
    Merci Jim. Dieux est près de toi.

  12. This one is for Kit.
    Understand about life being hectic, but wanted to thank you for your efforts in keeping up the web site.
    Enjoyed the latest pictures: “A Look Back”. Great clarity and color. It is really helpful to have James’
    Body of work to remember him by.

    The next is for Antigoni.
    It is September. Almost a whole year gone by. Others have said that the first year of a loss, is the hardest to bear, for the ones left behind. Perhaps it is just getting from one day to the next, that is the
    Untimate test of survival. But it has been a year, that you have been in our thoughts and prayers.
    Also in our thoughts, are the lyrics to an old song. “Try to remember the kind of September, when no one wept except the willow. Try to remember, and if you remember. Then follow.”
    Having had James’ body of work to remember him, has been a great comfort. Now, with this September, we will try to remember the great joy and laughter that he gave to us all. Our prayers that
    This will remain with you and yours, as well.
    May God Bless you and yours.
    September 8th, 2017.

  13. August 28, 2017…..Thank you Kit for the beautiful screen caps and very special walk down Lancer memory lane. I never tire of seeing these moments from the Lancer pilot, and now in such clear color and clarity, right down to the stunning blue of James’ eyes.
    I know he has been on the minds of so many, and he continues to be so greatly missed, so this was a lovely surprise.

  14. Hi
    Like the last comment I am late to this fan page. I remember watching the Lancer series as a teen in the UK, every week without fail. Yea the actors were cute, the story lines interesting and it had horses. enough for a city kid right? Wrong …. Well maybe it was because I was a teen, and one actor in particular got my attention or ….I could go on. Sufficient to say that in retrospect this series had a dynamic that became the norm in many series after. The acting was hard to surpass, the obvious fun they had making it, the whole thing. The acting was no longer wooden, the friendship between them was obvious and it showed. If you consider the buddy series that have come along after this! The big one being Starsky and Hutch, can you see the similarity between them ……. I sure as hell can!.

    Kit, I think you are doing a wonderful job keeping this going, trying to get the fans what they need and to keep alive the memory of a very talented and brave actor. I always missed the series, my first horse was a Palomino, yes I called him Berranco – sorry if its spelt wrong – yes I had a western saddle and people giggled at it in the UK I would love, as would everyone else to see the series again. I was mortified to hear of James Stacy’s death last year and have found all kinds of fan and support pages, but alas no release of the series. I have no ideas how I can help BUT if you think of any let me know.

    Much love to his fans, his family and friends …. we all miss that smile and again thanks for your hard work.

    P,S Maybe Mr Tarentino could help?

  15. Hi Kit & Lancer fans,
    First of all, I am so glad there is a place where fans of Lancer can gather and share their thoughts and memories of especially James Stacy to whom this web site is dedicated
    and also the TV series Lancer. Second, I hope that Antigoni and the rest of the Elias family is doing okay and adjusting. I too know what it is like to lose a dear loved one, as my late wife Terry passed away in 2010; in fact it will be 7 years next month shortly. So believe me, I do understand all too well. We were together 22 years total and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her or are reminded of her in some sort of fashion. Just wanted you to know I strongly identify with your situation regarding James. To borrow a quote from the late DeForest Kelley, Dr.McCoy of Star Trek (ST II to be exact, he was talking about Spock but this equally applies here), “He’s not really gone, as long as we remember him.” Those are my personal feelings on the subject.

    Now to address another matter, specifically the brief limited release of the Lancer pilot DVD and the hopeful possibility that Mr.Quentin Tarentino, if I am reading this item correctly, has purchased the rights to as been quoted, the “Intellectual Property” which I take it means the Lancer TV series and particularly the film stock. Like the majority of Lancer fans, I was greatly looking forward to the availability of this Lancer pilot DVD and was of course disappointed to learn that it had sold out, had a limited release, and was apparently not directly available to Lancer fans as a whole, only to those individuals who were fortunate enough to attend the benefit for Mr. Samuel A. Peeples widow which I assume was held in the Los Angeles area or thereabouts. Undoubtedly most
    Lancer fans did not have general access to this event so they could not acquire the
    DVD in question. Perfectly understandable. Hopefully this can change in future.
    It would be nice for Lancer fans to have this product accessible since there is quite obviously a demand for it. even if the number of Lancer fans worldwide is estimated at around 1000 at present. I personally would have liked to see the finished project, professionally done and restored as it so rightfully deserves, both the pilot episode–
    even if it was colorized, although I would have found nothing wrong with good old-fashioned B & W as I am aware the pilot was originally filmed in based on what I have recently seen of it myself–and the rare network TV promo.

    I sort of consider myself as a historian of classic TV series such as Lancer, not necessarily an “expert” but have considerable knowledge about the Lancer series, the actors who were the cast members and are still fondly remembered and beloved today, as well as other TV shows of the era, specifically Westerns. perhaps more than the average person who does not keep up with such things due to lack of interest or spare time. I therefore also happen to know a little bit about studio DVD releases and 20th Century Fox in

    Okay, it has been already previously established that Fox still owns the rights to the Lancer film stock and I have confirmed this on the TV Shows On DVD web site which covers new releases of classic and recent TV series on DVD, and has demonstrated that they have no present interest in re-issuing or re-mastering the series 51 episodes–52 if you count the original unaired B & W pilot episode The Homecoming. ME-TV has previously stated according to one source that the series likewise can not be aired in today’s digital TV because it is the wrong format, referring to analog and film I would imagine. Lancer to my knowledge has aired in syndication reruns ever since it left the air on CBS-TV in the summer of 1971 (replacement series, which is how I remember seeing it, at the age of 9), including runs on USA Network in the mid to late 80’s, on US TV stations primarily in the Western states (even saw it on a Little Rock Arkansas station in 1987 roughly), and most recently, Canadian TV in the 1990’s, which is where these
    “collectors sets” have originated, or what I refer to as “better than nothing” (I found it amusing that it was referred to as “hijacked from broadcast TV”). I agree that they are of inferior quality–including editing of content, late started opening credits (even as far as the “starring James Stacy” part), incomplete or missing end credits, voiceovers during end credits. (USA Network was notorious for that at the time Lancer aired there) and overall poor picture and sound quality. Unfortunately, for Lancer fans, sadly it is the
    only game in town until such time that someone–whether it be Fox or Quentin Tarentino or whoever–sees fit to have Lancer properly restored to its pristine CBS-TV network glory. provided the film stock even still exists–as it needs to be and truly deserves. This is an example of quality family television and it must be preserved for future generations who might be interested in watching it and have the show introduced to a brand new audience who has never seen or heard of it before.
    As has been indicated, there is question about the current condition of the film stock and if it has been lost or destroyed even by accident, it would be a tragedy indeed.

    I don’t know what the problem of Fox is with releasing Lancer on DVD. I am also a collector of classic TV series on DVD, and I am aware and have in my possession legal Fox or licensed-by-Fox DVD releases of the following Fox TV series as complete series:
    Daniel Boone (Fess Parker), The Loner (Lloyd Bridges), The Monroes (Barbara Hershey), Custer (Wayne Maunder)–those last 3 were released in 2017–The Big Valley (which Fox purchased the rights to in 1997 after the studio of origin Four Star closed down) by Timeless Media Group/Shout Factory and all four of the Irwin Allen 60’s sci-fi series
    Lost In Space, Time Tunnel, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and Land Of The Giants respectively, all released in recent years by Fox themselves, as was Daniel Boone (first by Liberation Entertainment, then Fox and now Shout Factory). I ought to know since I
    have them all and others from various studios, legitimately bought and paid for.

    The only Fox TV Western series that I know of that have not been released are:
    Lancer, The Legend Of Jesse James (1965-1966). and Cade’s County (1971-1972,
    Glenn Ford). Fox has also not released the fifth Irwin Allen TV series, Swiss Family Robinson (1975, Martin Milner & Cameron Mitchell). Presently these can only be
    found in the so-called “collector’s market”. BTW, Kit, I do not blame you for not
    revealing sources for these home-recorded DVD sets but anyone can find them
    for sale on the net at certain sites we are all familiar with that go without naming.

    One last point: I recently learned from a contact that another Fox series, the 60’s WWII show Twelve O’Clock High (1964-67 starring the late Robert Lansing and Paul Burke
    produced by Quinn Martin) which has also not been released by Fox on DVD “officially” but only currently exists as collectors sets from broadcast TV airings–is doubtful that it presently survives on film. According to him, not seeing a need for it after the original ABC-TV network airings the studio either disposed of the film prints or they have been lost over the years or deteriorated due to not being stored properly and thus were unusable. I can not confirm this however. But the fact remains, Fox has likewise not
    released nor shown an interest in releasing Twelve O’Clock High on DVD, either.
    Batman originally filmed by Fox was released by Warner Home Video. The only other Fox show not on DVD as far as I know is The Green Hornet (1966-67, Van Williams, Bruce Lee. shown in early 2000’s on Encore Action Channel)–legally speaking.

    At any rate, just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter and provide information. I am sincerely hoping that someone in the business with influence can be interested
    enough in saving the film prints of Lancer–if they still even exist anywhere, perhaps
    in Fox film vaults–and getting them restored and on DVD before it’s too late, if it’s
    not already. We have lost enough valuable film history as it is. Anyone remember the
    2008 Universal Studios film vault fire? 20,000 film prints of classic “old” movies lost.
    At least. And their loss of TV shows films were not even mentioned in media reports.

    Thank you for your time, patience and attention. Apologies for the length, but I felt
    something needed to be said. Have a great Fourth of July weekend, all.

  16. At the moment, i write alone. There is nobody help me for my english. Sorry if that’s not good Kit Prat.But…This is not language, SMS 😉
    This is the birthday of my oldest brother and tomorrow mine. This morning, I think of Jim, and his family. Already nine months … I sometimes receive in my e-mail messages (followed), still sent by the fans. They come from Guest book (in the condolences of the newspaper LA. Times) where I myself had sent a note in September 2016. Published on the Ventura County Star too.
    People, cousins, friends, you, me. It is with the heart, memories, friendship, love…
    With thoughts for his family and his wife Antigoni. Like on this site here. Messages always arrive, since that cruel month of September last year. There are so many people who always think of him.♥
    still and always…
    Kisses from Brittany, France. See you soon.

  17. Hello Kit, Antigoni, and Little Ruby,
    With Memorial Day fast approaching, I wanted to remember James in my thoughts and prayers. What a blessing that he was discovered so that we could all enjoy his acting talents and his ability to bring characters to life and his amazingly handsome face. I think of you and pray that you all are taking things one step at a time as you continue healing. It will be a lifetime of healing as the pain will always be there but the lovely memories are far more powerful than the pain as time goes by. God be with you all.
    God bless you,
    Heather Hill

  18. As with others on here, I am late to the Lancer fan club. I was reading Laramie fanfiction and Johnny Madrid turned up, was wondering who he was. Found Lancer fanfiction and youtube and was hooked, was reading fanfiction when I found out he had passed, started to cry. I wish Mr. Stacy was still here so new fans like me could tell him how much we love him and the rolls he played. Johnny, Joe, JJ and Yankton, saw Yankton on tv the other day and they cut some of the best pasts out hope they don’t do the same with The Widow and the Rogue when it’s on, are the only full episodes I can find, have Lancer and had to buy hole season of Cimarron Strip for one episode same will happen when the two seasons of Gunsmoke are released. Hopefully one day they will release Lancer and his TV movies on DVD’s. Wish they had made the last episode of Lancer, Beef to Fort Bowie would have been a great Johnny episode. There are not many stars that I care enough about to find what I can of their work and Mr. Stacy is one of them. I wish I could have told him when he was with us. Will miss you.

  19. Hi Kit,
    I think Lancer had such top quality story lines that I rank Lancer up there at the top with Gunsmoke. I hope Fox decides to do something positive. So few TV shows these days teach lessons and morals and teach people how to treat others and accept others. Lancer did all this. It was a good family show. Plus, had the most handsome guy to walk in front of a camera. So, it had everything. Fingers crossed and prayers uplifted for something good to happen in the future.
    My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Antigoni, you, and Little Ruby. God bless you all for all you are going through and for strength to continue the path of healing.

  20. It is always good to see pictures of James on here!! He will live in my heart forever.

    He was a true gentle man, and such a good actor in all the parts he played.

    Please keep posting pictures here!! Thank you so much!!!

  21. yes thank you kit, it is a gorgeous picture if there are more do show, he show a lot of charisma

  22. Amen! Keep up the good work!
    We only want to read about James on this site!

    Thank You,
    Deborah Randolph

  23. Hi, Laurence – I always enjoy your posts. I think that Jim put a lot of himself into his portrayal of Johnny Madrid; not just the intesity of the character, but also that mischievous bad boy ready to play, and certainly ready to fight.

  24. Diana – Don’t give up hope. The pilot is on DVD, and there will be some more news regarding that as soon as I have all the details. So stay turned.

  25. Don’t give up hope. There is something still in the works, but I’m not free to discuss the details just yet.

  26. Heather, it is more complicated than people comprehend. Actually, when compared to other series like Bonanza, Big Valley, and especially The Virginian, the Lancer fan base is relatively small; far less than 1000 people that can be validated. So that makes the series small potatoes for a conglomerate as big as Fox. There have been many petitions put forward, and the answer from Fox has always been the same: it is just not financially feasible at this time. There are other issues as well. The format the series will filmed in was not as advanced as Technicolor or other technology that was available. So the quality of any film stock is at best questionable. The film is almost 50 years old now and who knows how well it was actually archived.

  27. Sometimes the motives are blurred. The studios will release this series, because the interest is not to leave to the archives, but to sell. The présentation, a television séries again on the market, it is to do make rediscover an artistic work. So, Presenting again is still federating. And that’s good for all labels. Let’s be positive.

  28. What a magnificent Cowboy he interpreted! The character Johnny Lancer Madrid is finally quite modern, it still passes very well. He still fascinates me. And his look (eyes) intensité. Did Johnny have any similarities with Jim the actor at that time? It’s possible. This photo is
    la légende ! Thank you kit.

  29. Beautiful picture. I love the shot! Thanks for posting it.

  30. Oh gosh I’m so bummed, I kept checking back for updates on when it would become available & where I could order it but I never saw anything

  31. The DVD was produced by Quentin Tarantino and his staff; and is the film version used at the James Stacy Tribute that was held at Tarantino’s theatre. It was available for purchase for the benefit of Sam Peeple’s widow, Erlene. Two DVD’s were offered. An unsigned version, and a DVD autographed by Wayne Maunder. At this point, there are no more DVD’s available. If they do become available, it will be announced beforehand on Sam’s Facebook site (as well as on Fandango) and I will probably put an announcement here on the site as well.

  32. Love the new photos! Please keep them coming.Even though the man is gone his spirit as JML will live on.
    Thank you, Kit for all your time and efforts regarding our beloved Johnny Madrid Lancer!

  33. So does this also mean that the professionally produced DVD of the pilot episode that you stated was in the works has been scrapped & will also not be available for purchase?

  34. That photo sure brightens up one’s day ☀️
    Thank you Kit, for all your efforts in keeping Lancer, in the public eye.

  35. Very, very nice! It is always a pleasure to see photos of James as Johnny Madrid, and in his many other roles as well. Thank you for browsing and then posting. Please feel free to do this as often as you’d like. 😉

  36. That is disappointing that Fox won’t remaster the series onto DVD. There is a large fan base. They would make money on it by selling DVDs. Will they at least run the series on Fox network maybe in the wee hours of the night like 2 or 3 AM? I suffer from insomnia because of my 2013 ankle injury and associated Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome that resulted from the injury, and like to watch good shows throughout the night. I wonder if a petition would work. I will bet all the fans on this site would sign a petition asking for them to show the series. Shouldn’t cost Fox a penny to show those. They may be worried they will be out money on remastering for DVD. But to just show them, shouldn’t cost them anything.

  37. Are plans still in the works for the release of the pilot episode? I want to thank you for you diligence keeping us all informed and for the wonderful job on this site for this wonderful man!

  38. Thanks for having this sight for Maurice /James he was a atruely great actor and will be missed I love all the movie and shows that he did

  39. i don`t see why they can`t bring it out in good condition, when you can get the likes of bonanza and gunsmoke which I also liked. so a lot of crossed fingers lol, I hope everyone in James’s family are well and you kit for doing a lovely job with the fan site. thank you

  40. Thank you so much for this site. Antigoni and Kit. James was so special inside and out. He will be missed every day.

    Antigoni, I have been through what you are dealing with now. My heart goes out to you. I still cry and get angry for the loss. The love and connection will be there forever. They live in our hearts.

    What a rare and wonderful blessing to have had these men in our lives. There are no words that I can say to make that feeling go away. James was the sweetest and gentlest man and had such a sweets smile.

    God Bless you and all of The family. One day at a time, right now and knowing we will see them again some day. It’s always going to hurt and how much we want to just see them in our dreams or be able to talk to them.

    Take comfort in the fact that James was with you and loved you so much. You gave him your love and so much happiness. Only you and your kindness and beauty inside and outside too-you made him so happy. Thank God for you.

    All of you will be in my prayers for the rest of my life.

  41. Hoping a miracle will happen and we can eventually get quality DVDs for all episodes.

  42. Oh dear, that is not good news at all, it would be devastating if all our hopes are completely dashed. But so glad you are trying hard to get something done about it, thank you

  43. Unfortunately, it is not looking good where Fox is concerned. And there is some real question about the quality — or even the existence — of any filmstock. 🙁

  44. So looking forward to this! Any chance for the entire series to be released? One can only hope!

  45. Thank you kit. With the Internet, I am always Prudente. But with you I trust. I am proud and délighted to be part of this beautiful family. I confess that I am still moved by his death. I was used to see his sweet face on your site. Adorable person this boy. Not pretentious but so Friendly (je veux dire sympatique) cool and smiling. Beautiful baby, beautiful cow boy, handsome mature man, in my sweetest, memories forever. He is with the angels. Thank you for this site.☺

  46. Always such a cutie! ( love this picture! ). It is truly amazing how he touched so many lives and will live forever in our hearts

  47. What a sweetheart! I have never seen a baby picture of James before, the eyes and smile are undeniably him! I want to thank Antigoni for loving him all those years. She was good for him. The grief of his loss is still so overwhelming…

  48. I think you expressed your thoughts in English very well, Laurence! Thank you for being a part of our little family.

  49. Oh really so cute! First, very sorry for my bad english and a big THANK YOU for you Kit. I wish the better for this year to all those who gather around his memory here. I think with emotion to the persons of Maurice’s family and fiancée.
    I just would like say, the spirit of James Stacy is precisely the free and friendly meeting on this site. Even today, in the world many persons is gathering around his memory.
    And this photo. How cute was that little smile already! So touching oui. And those eyes. That he was cute and graceful James Stacy baby! What a wonderful gift for a December 23 … I noticed, It is troubling, that my childhood teddy bear was almost the same as his teddy bear. Style, with black seams, the same paws, everything ☺^_^. (These cuddly toys were very expressive, often there was straw in it).
    When I see, this beautiful little chubby baby, I guess a boy frank and cheerful. Perhaps an optimistic nature that already likes not to be bored, have occupations (and pose for the photographer ☺☺). As someone has already written, one recognizes indeed, that childish smile, that one saw on certain spontaneous clichés, when he was seem at ease. How not to melt tenderly? What an adorable photo.

  50. This is great news- hope its available for us UK fans.
    I too have a better than nothing Lancer DVD

  51. What was it about this man who touched so many hearts, including mine? I don’t know, but I know by reading all the notes and remembrances, that he was special.

  52. Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone who loved this wonderful man, even if only from across the pond, thank you.

  53. Well, this is not only good news, but great news!
    I am truly looking greatly forward to the DVD
    when it becomes available. Maybe this will lead to
    the entire 51 episode series itself being released
    “officially” on DVD….by somebody! Speaking as
    one of the fans who had to settle for the “better
    than nothing” inferior quality from 90’s broadcast
    TV declared supposedly as “public domain”
    (which I’m pretty sure is not the case at all
    as the original studio who made it in the
    first place still has to own the rights to it!)
    that has been practically all over the place
    DVD “collector’s set” of Lancer because
    there was nothing else available, this is
    certain to be a definite improvement
    over what presently is in existence and
    apparently has been for quite some time.
    If The Monroes (which James Stacy guest-
    starred in BTW) can get on DVD (recently
    released “officially”) then anything is
    possible. Lancer has a good chance as well,
    and it lasted a season longer! I say go for it! 🙂

  54. Thank you for this lovely photo to start well 2017 and forget a bit the sad moments of 2016. Wish you a very happy New Year.

  55. Thank you for posting this Kit. I love those beautiful eyes, and that sweet smile even as a baby. Maurice looked like such a happy little fellow in this picture. Wonderful to know he always had that smile even as a child. Even his eyes seemed to smile. His smile and beautiful eyes are what I remember most about him.

  56. Yes, it does, Mary. His expression is so full of optimism, and you can certainly see a lot of his mother’s Irish charm in that face and that smile!

  57. Aww… that’s a very sweet photo. It seems Maurice, was preparing for those close-ups we know so well, at a very early age with those sparkling blue eyes and that happy smile. A star is born! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the photo. A lovely way to start off…….Happy 2017 to you all!

  58. Yes, Helmut, this is definitely “Little Maurice”. Not sure of exactly how old he was, but that wonderful smile and those mischievous eyes are already bright with the promise of what was to come.

    Frohes neues Jahr, to you and yours.

  59. Is this “Little Maurice” ?

    Thank you for this.

    Happy new year from Germany


  60. Dear James,
    I just watched your 1965 movie, ”Winter-A-Go-Go” ! What a wonderful actor you are! I reminisced as I watched all of the ”60’s campiness” and dancing in the show. I was impressed by your skiing skills, as I know you love skiing. I ”grew up” with you as a boy in the 1960’s and 1970’s watching your acting talent on television. James, you truly deserve much more credit for your fine work. I realize your road in life was filled with much difficulty and setback. But I know in my heart that Our Lord, whose Love is Infinite for all of us, has not forsaken you, nor will He ever forsake you. Though I regret not having the opportunity to meet you in mortal life, I certainly look forward to shaking your hand one day in Heaven. Soar with the Angels! Rest now in Jesus’ Loving Arms! God Bless your soul and many blessings to your friends and family. ~~~MWG in Texas

  61. Hi Kit and Antigoni,
    I pray that you are doing well and that you are taking things one day at a time, one step at a time, one moment at a time. Cry when you need to, don’t hold back. It is part of the healing process. I still cry at a moment’s notice over my Dad who passed in June 2015. Anything can set me off but it does happen much less and less extreme than it used to. Time does heal. Time, and also knowing that our loved ones are always watching over us to see us through the tough times.
    I like the Christmas snow you have on the site and the organization of everything is really well structured. I know it has to be very difficult to do all of this and I know it will be a living document that will change as time goes on and it will be great. I hope that pics of James’ many travels will be posted as well. He was and always will be a hero to so many who adore his acting and the morals that he taught us all in the Lancer series. I’m looking forward to seeing Lancer again. I only got to see it via reruns on cable for a short while when I was so little I was still in diapers, and on YouTube. Thank God for YouTube. I want to buy the complete series when it becomes available…..and another complete series for my Mama. She is as big a fan as me. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have known all about Lancer in the first place… she introduced me to the terrific acting of James Stacy.
    I pray God gives you strength to keep carrying that torch for James and to keep his memory alive for all those in the world who loved him through whichever way they knew him. His bravery to carry forward in the face of adversity and to do it with a smile was a true testimate to his perseverance and resilience. He set a positive example for all those with challenges of whatever kind they have…..they saw James and said if he can carry forward with all that he has to overcome with his injuries, then surely we can make it through whatever life has dealt us. God bless you both and God bless James in Heaven.
    Respectfully, Heather

  62. Kit, what you do is wonderful ! What a lovely way to meet together to support the memory of Jim Stacy. And I also think of Jim’s fiancee, Antigoni. I thank this lady for all the moments shared. Bravo Kit, thank you from the heart, and thank you to your nephew, for this beautiful site. Merci beaucoup !

  63. I miss him too. I see the animation on your site and I can not help but think of a French song of the sixties :
    Falls…the snow,
    You will not come tonight.
    Falls…the snow,
    And my heart is dressed in black.
    This silky procession,
    All in white tears,
    The bird on the branch,
    Cries the spell.

    You will not come tonight,
    Shouts my despair,
    But, falls the snow…
    Impassive carrousel.

    Falls…the snow,
    You will not come tonight.
    Falls…the snow,
    All is white with despair.
    Sad certainty,
    The cold and the absence,
    This odious silence,
    White solitude.

    You will not come tonight,
    Shouts my despair.
    But, falls the snow,
    Impassive carrousel.
    Oh, falls the snow,
    Impassive carrousel.

    I have tears in my eyes this year. Jim, You are with the angels… the lucky ones!

  64. Thinking of James’ family at this sad time of year and wishing all of his family and fans a peaceful 2017. So glad you have kept the site going, thank you.

  65. He was my hero growing up and for that, I will always be grateful. I had the pleasure meeting Jim in 2004 and spending the weekend with him. It was amazing hearing hte personal insight into his life. In February of that year, Jim, Antigoni and I had dinner together and it was lovely. I have a photo I took of Jim kissing her at dinner I will always hold dear. I will be happy to share it with anyone who is interested.

  66. Happy Birthday in Heaven Maurice/James. I still can’t get over your passing but all the memories of you are good and sweet.

  67. Hello Kit! Thank you for making this website available once again. Hopefully us fans will have more opportunity to share his pictures and stories.

  68. Happy Birthday in Heaven, dearest Jim/Maurice. James’ spirit lives on in all of his fans. My thoughts are also with Antigoni at this time of the year.

  69. Thank you for keeping James Stacy’s memory alive. He brought joy to so many of us. I’m sure we all can still see his beautiful smile and gorgeous blue eyes.

  70. December 23rd will not be a joyous time this year. James would have been 80 this year. We can reflect on the wonderful memories of this wonderful man. He touched so many lives. May heart aches for you Antigoni. Remembering all the past pictures posted during birthdays and outings, it seems you were both so happy, and so in love. i would imaging Christmas will be difficult as well. Please know we are here for you in thoughts and prayers. The memory of this wonderful man will never die. Hugs to you.

  71. Can’t wait either pity the whole series can’t be professionally be produced!

  72. Thank you, Kit!
    Because of your time and effort, we have this great new site! Wonderful way to get and share information!

  73. This is especially addressed to Antigoni.
    My family and I were blessed, via this site, to tell James we loved him, while he was still living.
    But since his sad passing, you have been on our minds and in our prayers.

    Know that December must be a difficult time for you. Birthdays and holidays. Do so hope that you have
    Family and friends to be with you.

    We, too, still miss James. He is in our hearts, as are you. God Bless!

  74. I can’t wait for this! I’m so excited this is happening! And it was posted on my Birthday so it really made my day!

  75. Thank you Kit! Happy to see the site up and running again. While I will miss seeing the more recent photos of James that he and Antigoni so graciously shared with us on the old site, I understand that they are private. I never tire of seeing pictures of him from his many roles. I look forward to seeing the new changes as they become available. He lives forever in our hearts.

  76. James will alway be in our memories through fan fiction and reruns of Lancer. He brought life to Johnny Madrid Lancer and made us care about the character. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, which I truly regret, but I feel like in every performance he gave us a piece of him.
    I miss him but am grateful I had the chance to know him through his body of work.

  77. Thanks Kit to you and your nephew for the time and work you have put into this web site. It’s nice to see a place where we can go and enjoy the works and accomplishments of a man I have followed over the years since the first time I saw him blaze across my TV on a golden palomino. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes and new photos as we pay tribute to Mr. Stacy and the legacy he left.

  78. Congratulations, Kit. You are one determined woman. Glad to see you got this site back up.

  79. Thank you Maurice! My childhood was very happy because of you. All girls were in love with you. I was a lonely child. First you were in my dreams, after you gave me strong and courage to grow up. I was just a little girl in south of Brazil, in a city called Porto Alegre, so far away from you. But you were, and are, in my heart forever. Today I’m psychologist and lawyer, and I still having hope and strong because of you. Thank you. You made me very happy. And you made so many other people happy. I didn’t know you in person, but if one day I found you, in someplace, I just have this to tell you: thank you and I always will lova you, because you save me. You made my life complete. Be happy wherever you are, my wonderful blue eyes.

  80. I am so pleased that you have decided to keep this site going in memory of this lovely talented man, I am sure it will bring pleasure to us fans from across the world, thank you and James’ family for allowing us to be part of it.

  81. Thank you Kit and Antigoni for keeping this site up as a tribute site. The passing of James/Maurice was truly heartbreaking for his many fans and friends, but the hurt felt by you, Tig is so much greater. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. The memory of this wonderful, talented man will live on forever. God bless!

  82. Think about you Antigoni and family.
    There is a void in your lives I know.
    Praying for the peace of God for you all. My heart hurts for you. Thank God for our memories.

  83. I was so devastated to hear of James/Maurice passing. I never got the pleasure of meeting him in person but have watched him in his many roles. He was such a beautiful man & was so charismatic, I always felt that there was a lot of the real James coming through in his characters that it made you feel you really knew him. We will all miss him so very much but will keep his memory alive through his movies, tv shows, fan fiction, and more. I hope that you continue to keep his website going so that we can all continue to enjoy it. To Antigone, his family and friends I pray for comfort and courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts. May you rest peacefully now James.

  84. I just listened to him sing ‘Don’t fence me in’ I am in tears. You can hear the child like innocence in his voice. The joy. This was his enduring quality. The gift he possessed. He made women fall in love with him because there was a spark of that boy still within no matter how old he got to be. The boy was still present, the mischief in those beautiful eyes of his. I miss him so and if I feel the way I do, I cannot begin to imagine the pain Tig is in. You my dear friend have my very deepest sympathy. Please know that he is watching over you from heaven just as you watched over him in life. You were the best thing that ever happened to him. NEVER forget that. NEVER.

  85. To Tig ….would it be that I could ease your sadness, I would do so. Jim found the best when he found you. You gave so much of yourself. It is my hope that the good times and good memories will comfort you…and time will relieve some of the pain. Jim has found his peace, may you find your peace in time. His work will still be enjoyed by his many fans. He was a great actor……he became every character he played. Tig, if ever you need a friend, I will be here for you. Sending a warm hug and offering an ear to listen and a shoulder to comfort. With affection, Renee Fineberg

  86. My heart is broken as I just learned to tragic news. I don’t even know what to say except I pray James is heaven, relieved of the burdens of this life. My he find peace. The world lost a beautiful soul. I feel deep sadness for his family and close friends. He brought a brightness to my life through his acting and I only hope to one day see Lancer on DVD.

  87. just come on to the site & I was taken aback when I read about the loss of a lovely man, I knew he has been suffering but you still aren`t prepared for this sort of news. my condolences go out to Antigoni & all the family, not ever meeting james & all the wonderful films/series he has left with us a sense of pride & happiness whenever we think of him, so I hope they think about releasing lancer on dvd. Be with peace now james x

  88. So sorry to hear the sad news. Rest in peace, James. Deepest condolences to Antigoni and the rest of James’ family. I was lucky enough to be at the first reunion in 2004 and will always remember what a special time it was.

  89. So sad, to hear the news of James passing. First saw him on Lancer, then other movies, and loved everything he did. I recently found clips of Lancer on YouTube, I’m glad I can still watch them, seeing James act is wonder. Praying for Antigoni and the Elias family.

  90. With simplicity, he remained attentive to others. I will remember of his natural generous kindness, also his friendship with his fans and people he encountered. I had already noticed this on the first site in 2003, all this benevolence.
    That is how, we recognize the greats.
    Yesterday again, I was reading, small words for us, and his pretty photos for us posted from time to time. And last 4th of july. All this, already miss.
    Films, comedies tv, westerns, Lancer. all these years of magical memories.
    He was for me, my little prince of USA, since my teens, here, in france.
    I’ll watch the evening sky differently, there is a new star,this star it radiates like a familiar smile.
    (I already expressed these few words to JSWoman, for the post
    “pictured perfect” on YouTube.)

  91. Oh my goodness just heard about the passing of James. We are never ready for this kind of news. James rest now and know that you made a difference in the lives of many. Praying for Antigoni and the family.

  92. So sorry for your loss. I barely remember Lancer, but hope to buy it some day. May Mr. Stacy finally be at peace.

  93. So sad to hear of the passing of such a wonderful inspirational man, my sincere condolences to all his family, you were so blessed to have him in your lives and will no doubt miss him very much, goodnight and God bless James aka JML among many characters you portrayed so brilliantly x

  94. I know that James is happy in Heaven, where he is whole again, he has his arm and leg back and is happily skiing and riding horses and motorcycles to his heart’s content. That’s what Heaven is…..whatever we want to do and whatever we want it to be. My heart goes out to Antigoni and James’ family and Kit and little Ruby. I know the pain and heart breaking agony will tear a hole in your hearts…..but keep James’ memory alive and find solace in knowing he was a part of all your lives for the time he was here on Earth. All of you and all of us (fans) have been blessed that we knew him in some way…..even if it was only through his movies and TV series…..all of which have made massive positive impacts on our lives and personalities. He will always be one of the most influential actors in history. He will always stand for courage and bravery and a marvelous example to all who found him a shining example of the human ability to overcome challenges and adversity and to come out smiling. God bless James and God bless Antigoni and James’ family and friends and fans. We all mourn our tremendous loss and celebrate his life and the beautiful legacy he left behind for us all to enjoy for generations to come. An amazing man has moved on to the next chapter in his journey….our loss is Heaven’s gain.

    Antigoni and Kit, thank you for developing and keeping this website open so that we all were able to show James our admiration and support over the years. Thank God we all got to tell him how special he was and will always be. I know he had comfort in knowing you were holding his hand as he transitioned into his next chapter, Antigoni. I pray for you as you go through the lifelong healing process from your tremendous loss.

    The obituary tribute on the home page is so beautiful and such a wonderful send off to James. Thank you for sharing that heartfelt message with all of us. It is everything I wanted to read about James all wrapped up in one beautifully written account of his whole life.

    Antigoni, please know that James will watch over you and be your guardian angel, as you have been to him over these past 16+ years.

    I’m so thankful that James was discovered and made lots of great TV shows and movies, so that we all can continue to enjoy his smile and the twinkle in his eyes. So many of us don’t have our loved ones on TV or movies so that we can watch them and see them come to life before our eyes. James’ fans and family have that gift of being able to see him come to life on his TV shows and movies. That’s a wonderful gift he left for us all.

    Rest in peace James, enjoy Heaven to the fullest. We miss you dearly, but find comfort in knowing your challenges and suffering are over.

  95. So sorry to hear of Mr. Stacy’s passing. He will always be my favorite actor He had tremendous courage. His talent will be sorely missed. He will be sorely missed. My condolences to those who loved him May he be at peace.

  96. To Antigoni and all Maurice’s family and friends.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  97. Hi, I also would like to express my deepest sincere condolences to Antigoni and the entire Elias family on the recent passing of Mr. James Stacy/Maurice Elias, who I will always have the greatest respect and admiration for as he did not let his disability or his past difficulties ever get the best of him and never ever quit. We his fans and those of Lancer in particular genuinely share in this terrible loss which I just learned about over the weekend. The obituary posted on this site was extremely well done and far superior to the travesty published in Daily Variety (I personally do not consider it a so-called “tribute” and Mr.Stacy deserved much better) which I read last night. I found it appalling to say the least. At any rate, you will be greatly missed by all, Jim. My thoughts and prayers are with Antigoni and the Elias family at this time and when I watch my DVD’s of Lancer or Mr.Stacy’s appearances on Gunsmoke and Cimarron Strip (Vengeance and The Judgment respectively) I will always think of him with nothing but fondness. God bless you in your period of grief (having lost a wife myself 6 years ago I know something of that).

    Now on another subject, Mr. Wayne Maunder’s announcement on this site. It was disappointing to hear the news also in the wake of Mr.Stacy’s passing that Wayne has decided to withdraw from all activities concerning Lancer, Custer and Chase and it is truly a shame that he had to go to such a drastic extreme because of the behavior of certain “overzealous” (obsessed, whatever you want to call them) Lancer fans. It is perfectly understandable that he would feel this way and I for one respect his decision. I just hate it that it had to get to that point. At age 77 Mr.Maunder needs to enjoy the years he has left on this earth without being excessively bothered by these in his words “troublesome” fans he mentioned and I can’t say that I really blame him for what he had to do. It’s just too bad that a few bad apples have to ruin things for everyone else. This is considering that Mr. Maunder and Elizabeth Baur are now the sole surviving still living cast members of Lancer since Mr.Stacy and the late Andrew Duggan (Murdoch) and Paul Brinegar (Jelly Hoskins AKA Wishbone the cook on Rawhide) are no longer with us except in memory and spirit. Wayne, I know you won’t be reading this but others surely will and pass it on to you. You have every right to feel the way you do but don’t judge all Lancer fans by the actions of a few misguided individuals. Thank you for your wonderful heroic characters from Lancer, Custer and Chase and I wish you well.

  98. I’m so sad to read this news. To Jim’s love, his family and his friends, I’m so sorry for your loss. God bless you all.

  99. First, an open thank you to Kit Prate. This site allowed many of us, a vehicle to express our love and appreciation to Mr. Stacy, while he was still living. Now, with the sad news of his passing, a vehicle to express our gratitude. The obituary you posted, written by Mr. Stacy’s nephew, was most touching.

    Second, is an open thank you to Antigoni. We have never met. But we are indebted because of you kindness and generosity. You allowed an access for the fans to communicate with Mr. Stacy. Bless you, for sharing a part of him with all of us. Know, too, that we share in your loss. Our hearts are sad with grief. Only wish our words we send, could be of some solice. Do so hope that you and Ruby will be a comfort to one another. Dogs know about these things, sometimes more than people. May God
    Bless you and your. Our prayers are with you.
    September 18, 2016.

  100. My sympathy to Mr. Elias’ fiancée and family on his passing. I had the good luck meeting him in the early 1970 at a park in Studio City. Mr. Stacy and his buddies like Mr. Lee Majors would be playing sports such as, football. He was very nice at the park. I always enjoyed his performances on the television and movies.

    Thank you for this terrific website. Well done!

  101. What a really lovely tribute written by James’ s nephew. All my sympathy and prayers to those he dearly loved.
    I never got to meet James Stacy, but his kindness touched my life.

    J/Maurice, you will be missed, probably more than you could imagine. Thank you for making my sorrows less; when they seemed so overwhelming. May God bless and please take care…..don’t forget! 😉
    Love ya……M.

    Godspeed on your journey.

  102. So sorry to hear this sad news James will be sadly missed by all his fans and family

  103. Oh non non. Kit Prat je suis perdue et je tremble encore. Les médias disent que Jim n’est plus parmi nous depuis quelques jours ?! J’ai les larmes aux yeux. Quelle horrible année. Notre si gentil et beau poupon nous a quitté. Voir les Photos son visage tout cela va me manquer. Ecrire ça me fait si mal. Je suis choquée. Pas d’Anglais aujourd’hui, Pardon. Mon coeur est avec sa famille et ceux qui aiment Maurice énormément. Je prie très fort.

  104. Like so many I was devastated when I heard of Maurice’s passing. Maurice is at peace now. Now its those he leaves behind who suffer. Namely Antigoni his love of 16 faithful years. You Tig have my deepest sympathy. Maurice aka James Stacy gave so much joy throughout his live with the many characters he portrayed and not the least John Madrid Lancer. But there were others like JJ and Yankton to name but a few. All of them beautifully portrayed by this man ; this wonderful actor who never reached his full potential due to cruel fate, where he lost an arm and a leg. I will miss the fact that he is no longer with us. My heart is sore. R.I.P. Mr Maurice Elias aka James. Your with those who you loved and who passed before you now… and…your whole again with no pain etc. I hope to see you again one day ….until then R.I.P. <3

  105. So sorry to here this sad news James will be sadly missed by all his fans and family

  106. It is with great sadness, i have just read about the passing away of my hero. I wish to pass on my sincere condolences to his entire family. Our loss, heavens gain.
    Tommy — Northern Ireland

  107. I am sorry to hear about the Death of one of my longtime heroes. I am sure we will go all in a better world when our time on earth ihas come.
    All the best to his family.
    In deep sorrow from germany

  108. Like so many, I’m in shock and saddened in learning of James’ passing. Since a child I followed and enjoyed watching James and I admired his strength and courage throughout his life. All the best to those who he touched and thanks for the wonderful memories!

  109. R.I.P. James/Maurice. Rest with the angels. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of such a wonderful man. Although we all love him as Johnny Madrid Lancer, he was so much more. His talent showed in every role he played. His wonderful smile could melt any heart. His eyes seemed to sparkle with mischief. He seemed to enjoy life. He is such an inspiration to many. He did not let the horrible accident diminish his zest for life. He will be truly missed. My heart is broken. My deepest sympathy to Antigoni, Ruby and all of his family and friends. His memory will go on forever, but right now the pain is real. God bless.

  110. RIP James/Maurice. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel today, learning that James Stacy has passed away. My sympathy to Antigoni, Ruby and the entire Elias family. A fan forever, Carol Lemieux

  111. So sorry to hear about Mr, Stacy’s passing. I was privileged to meet him in Memphis one time, he was truly a gentleman and trouper. To hear he and Robert Fuller tell of their exploits was a lot of fun. Hopefully he is at rest and peace now.

  112. One of my favorite actors. I use to be a member of the first official website. I just learned of James’ passing. My love and prayers are with his family and friends. God bless you James.

  113. Maurice William Elias, best known as James Stacy, continued on his spiritual journey on September 15, 2016. Rest easy, James.

  114. So sorry to hear of your passing today. My twin and I loved you since your days in Lancer with Wayne. Had posters of the cast on our bedroom walls. Rest in peace, and our condolences to your loved ones. You will be missed!!

  115. I am sad to be returning here today. Bless that smile forever xx

  116. May your memory be a comfort to your family and loved ones. Thank you for everything,

  117. Hi James (or do you prefer Jim)?

    You’re such a lovely person, you have one of the best smiles ever. I was just rewatching ‘Summer Magic’ and on a whim I searched your name and have been reading around the web, I happily discovered your site here. Thank you for sharing your work with us all, and for taking the time to share some personal photos and messages, too. What a joy you are!

    Cheers from an American gal living in Canada,
    Brandy x

  118. What a glorious and amazing time we live in! To think that I can actually write a note to one of my all-time favorite actors through the magic of the Internet is amazing to me.

    I was 13 when Lancer first premiered. I remember distinctly sitting in my classroom at the end of the day, looking up at the clock and thinking “Only four more hours until Lancer comes on.” Ha! No Internet, cell phones, DVDs, DVRs, Netflix, facebook, Youtube. We had to wait each week for a new episode and then only saw it once again if we were lucky, in re-runs in the summer. How awesome it is that we now have so many ways to explore and share our favorite experiences in life with others who share the same joy.

    1968-1969 was such a volitale time in American history. There were assasinations, Vietnam war protests, drugs, racial tension. For a shy young girl it was kind of a scary time. Lancer came along just at the right time. It gave me a hero, Johnny Madrid Lancer, and a family I could look up to and reassure me that there was good in the world. Lancer taught us a lot of things – the importance of family, friends, love, loyalty, forgiveness, second chances, helping people who are less fortunate and trusting people even though they may not deserve it. It also taught us how easy it is to fall in love and how hard it is when the person you love doesn’t love you in the same way, and about getting back up again after you’ve been thrown from a horse or beat down in your first fight. All valuable lessons that still resonate today.

    I’ve had several other heroes since then. Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity in Firefly, our space cowboys, and Micael Westen of Burn Notice – modern day spy/gun fighter fighting for the little guy and trying to make the world a better, safer place. But, Lancer will always hold a special place in my heart.

    You, dear Jim, created such a wonderful character in Johnny Madrid Lancer. He is such a real, beautifully flawed, colorful, vibrant and alive character. I’m not writer, but I am an actor, and I appreciate good writing and good acting. Lancer had an abundance of both. I only recently re-discovered Lancer, and after all these years it’s still magical to me. I watch the episodes now, and I begin to believe that time travel really does exist. The years suddenly melt away, and I am filled with the giddy excitement of a 13-year old girl with the world at her feet and her whole life ahead of her.

    Thank you for that. Thank you for sharing your talent and enthusiasm for life with us. I can’t begin to desribe the joy your work on Lancer and your other roles have brought to me and so many others. Wishing you the best of everything that life has to offer.

    ~Barbara Arceneaux, Louisiana

  119. Mr Stacy, I loved to watch Lancer as a teenager and have never forgotten you although I have only just found your website and YouTube clips would love the whole series on DVD wishing you all the very best you are an inspiration to many of us.

  120. Maurice, I have always enjoyed all of your movies and tv episodes. I think you are a great actor. Really enjoyed meeting you in McKinney. Thank you and Antigoni and everyone else for keeping your website going. And for the Facebook page. Bless you and many happy days ahead.


  122. Well hello cousin! I was doing some research on our family and your website popped up. Looks good! Great job! You more than likely don’t have a clue to who I am and that’s okay. If you can remember a woman named Julie or Julia Corey that would be wonderful because she is my grandmother. Well just wanted to say hi and I would love to hear from you if possible. You take care and God bless.

  123. I wish there was a online store we fans can buy signed photos inscribed to us by this great actor.

  124. I just wanted to say thank you for all the years of enjoyment I have had in your work. Your acting skills have always been wonderful regardless of the genre. I love this site and love seeing your pictures. As the end of life draws near for us all, I feel we should let those who touched us in some way know so that is what I am doing. God Bless You and remember that God gets our attention when He really wants it. .. Sheri, Millington, Tennessee

  125. Life goes on it gives us choices and sometimes we don’t see the snowball effect until it hits us so I know just how hard things can be and to live again picking up the pieces,so I know the good lord has something in mind for all of us that have a disability. I was hurt bad on the job and I didn’t want to live anymore and one day a retired vet came to see me and we spoke about things and told me to give the Lord a chance and I did that was in 01 and I have come along way since then. God is in my thoughts and each day is a blessing of sorts this is how I get on with life. So James when things get really out of sorts and you wish to be left alone just remember God has a place for you always has.. God will help you every way he can like has for me.. I wish you well in everything you do and will be on the look out while I am in ebay floating around. Smile it makes people wonder what you have been doing..Later Terri Sluder from Colorado

  126. James, I appreciate so much your God given acting ability! I love the westerns and have enjoyed the roles you played as a guest on Gunsmoke and specially as Johnny on Lancer.

  127. You look great in your July 4th colors. Hope you and Antigoni had a great holiday. Take care both of you. -Carol Lemieux, Southington, CT

  128. Hey! Love the photo from the 4th……it’s always a special treat to see a photo and say hello. Thanks for sharing it here with us and also thanks to Antigoni and Kit for making it happen. Please take care and may God Bless all. ☺……M.

  129. Hi James and Tig,
    I hope you have a happy and safe July 4th holiday. James, you are such an inspiration to so many people, I hope all is well with you. God bless you. Hugs to you and Tig!

  130. Hey Jim
    You are brave and amazing man. I remember your Lancer series 60s growing up in Rhodesia. I hope you are well and happy. Lawrence Ridler. Zimbabwe July 2016

  131. Hi James
    Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July with your family. I truly care about you and pray you are well.

  132. And, by the way – incredible performance in Gunsmoke’s Vengeance episode. You took Bob Johnson from cocky to driven to completely broken. So glad I was able to watch that show.

  133. This is a good week for this Stacy fan. “The Baby Came COD” episode of Hazel was shown Monday and today TVLAND is airing the 2-part Gunsmoke episode “Vengence,” I gave up looking for Lancer reruns years ago, but recently caught the tail end of Posse, which rekindled the search. That’s when I found this site and the Facebook fan site. I’m glad to see you looking so well and will check back often for updates..
    PS – I think the book idea Gail mentioned would be fascinating. As I watched a Youtube video of “The Raquel Welch Story” I thought “That man can spin a yarn!”

  134. I first saw you on Gunsmoke years ago and I thought you were beautiful. I have the Lancer series on VHS but I can’t watch them anymore. So this week I ordered the series from Amazon on DVD. I have followed your work since Gunsmoke. HAVE you ever thought about writing your autobiography? I would love to read your stories and I am sure it would be an inspiration to others.

  135. Mr. Stacy,
    Since tomorrow is the anniversary of Custer’s Battle at the Little Big Horn (June, 25, 1876). Thought it
    Was ironic that my local Walmart is now selling, Wayne Maunder’s ,”The Complete Series Of Custer”.
    (The irony lead me to buy two copies. Even thought I never had the chance to see this series when it was originally televised). (Always, liked Mr. Maunder’s portral of “Scott”, on “Lancer”).
    Had read, that Samuel Peeples had a hand in creating both “Custer” and “Lancer”. And, since,
    FOX, produced both series. – and they have released, “Custer”, for sale, — wouldn’t it be terrific,
    If at long last, FOX, released “Lancer”, for sale, too. Sure would make a lot of “Lancer” fans
    Off, to check out the eBay items..
    Love to you and your family
    June, 24, 2016.

  136. Have a very Happy Father’s Day James! I hope you are doing very well and enjoying Father’s Day with your family. God bless you always.

  137. My German is a little rusty; so if the translation isn’t dead on, it’s me and not Martina. Kit

    My name is Martina,
    I have only recently started to surf the Internet would never have thought foreign people to contact. However I reminds me of my first love – that was James Stacy and I just googled – since 1973 I have received no information.
    In Germany it was said: The actor James Stacy was killed in Vietnam!
    To this day Lancer is repeated here in Germany!
    I am very pleased that you are doing so well!
    It would be very happy if I get an answer, I would like to meet you!
    With lovely greetings
    Martina Winnig with big Love

  138. Mr. Stacy:

    What a pleasure to find your website where fans and admirers can post comments. I
    am 61 years and fondly remember “Lancer” and all of your other television and film
    appearances, especially your guest starring episode of “Gunsmoke.” Your are one
    of those actors who, in my opinion, has a unique distinctive “presence” in any work
    you do. I am not just saying this because I have been a fan for over 50 years either.
    You never seemed like you were “acting.” I watched the “Gunsmoke” episode the
    first time it aired, and have re-watched it over the years whenever it was shown in
    in syndication or now TV Land or METV. “Gunsmoke” remains the definitive television
    western in my opinion, not just because it lasted 20 years with 636 episodes, (636!),
    but because among other things, the writing was so uniformly good and all of the
    guest actors were allowed to do their absolute best. Having been a movie and TV
    “buff” most of my life, there are certain series in their entirety and certain episodes of
    series that I consider classic and are never outdated. Your episode of “Gunsmoke” is
    one of those, in my opinion. It has all the right elements of a classic “short film” and
    even now, 43 years later, leaves me quite emotional with a “lump in my throat.” (Some
    of the early seasons of “Gunsmoke” have been (officially) released on DVD, but not
    the season in which you appeared quite yet. Here’s hoping–) Speaking of of
    “Gunsmoke,” do you have what I would consider THE definitive book on the
    “Gunsmoke” series? It is authored by Suzanne and Gabor Barrabas and is the copy-
    right date is 1990. I would be happy to try and secure a gift copy for you. This book
    has some quotes attributed to you.
    As for “Lancer,” this was not only a unique western, but a unique television series in
    general. GREAT stories (the one about the sheep farmer, wonderful) GREAT guest
    stars (Cloris Leachman–“We ain’t got no appetite for ‘green persimmons’ ma’am.”) You
    and Wayne Maunder did not look like brothers, but then this casting was the whole
    point–this emphasized the differences between the two. “Lancer,” like “Cimarron
    Strip” (another truly unique television series) was canceled way too soon. Cimarron
    Strip has been released on DVD, with commentary by Stuart Whitman. WHEN will
    “Lancer” be released with commentary from you? (I realize you probably have no say
    in “Lancer’s” DVD release, but the studio should release it to you if no one else.)
    And, finally, has there ever been a more beautiful woman to grace the television
    screen than Elizabeth Bauer? This lady is a classicly beautiful, elegant woman. I hear
    she retired and married a doctor–lucky fellow! I can see her involved in one of her
    local theatre groups, perhaps mentoring young actors.
    Well, I Have run on too long. Perhaps I will be able to attend one of your appearances
    and have you sign my “Gunsmoke” book.
    Best wishes,
    (Mr.) Lee A. Smith
    Tallahassee, Florida

  139. All the way from England, I finally managed to visit the Memphis Film Festival this year. So sad to see that Mr Stacy is not among the guests. There is still some time left, and dare we hope for him to change his mind, PLEASE?!

  140. Hi James & Tig,
    Just a short message to see how things are going with you two. Love the picture; but wish you had done one of you and Tig together. Haven`t been on for awhile just recovering after a heart operation, everything went well and I am doing fine. So I will try not to leave it as long next time. Best wishes to all of you. x

  141. Mr. Stacy,
    Days of heaven on earth – ahead.
    Was checking out you tube, and some kind souls had undated some of the Lancer clips. Full
    Episodes have been uploaded, as well. Whoopie! Now while I get reacquainted – I can introduce
    the rest of my family to all of Lancer.
    Lookout popcorn nights. – here we come…or maybe honoring Johnny’s character – chips and
    Thanks, Mr. Stacy, for the past – and now, future memories…

  142. Saw a moving tribute to Andrew Duggan, regarding his role as Murdoch, on YouTube. Did not know that he died on 15, May, 1988. As it is now, May, thought l might reminisce. I first remember seeing Mr. Duggan as the mountain man, “Kelly”, on Disney’s mini-series, THE SAGA OF ANDY BURNETT. He was a mentor and father figure to young Andy. A role that was the perfect precursor for Murdoch. (Unfortunately, like,LANCER, this series is not on dvds).
    It was Mr. Duggan that brought me to LANCER, and to you.
    Regarding your own real life tragedy, there as one LANCER episode, that in retrospect,seems almost
    Prophetic…In “cut the wolf loose”, Johnny helps an amputee find renewed meaning to his life. Whether It has been in a story as Johnny—or in reality as James—you have remained an inspiration to us all.
    As for LANCER, for a show that was only on the air a few years, it has had a lasting legacy. Pretty remarkable, considering it is not now shown on tv, except for clips on You Tube.
    Someday l hope they will put LANCER on DVDs. l would love to see it again.
    .as for today, l’d like to think of Mr. Duggan –man and Murdoch — looking down upon you — James and Johnny.– being proud that the dream lives on in you.

  143. Hi James, just happened across your baby picture online through Google and I could see that famous smile and that twinkle in your eyes. Such a happy baby. One can tell that happy baby was going to do special things in life. It’s so amazing that your whole life, you have been smiling. I admire your strength and courage and bravery through all your herculean challenges and tragedy. You have an amazing inner strength that is so admirable. It helps me to look to you as an example when I’m dealing with my own challenges in life….like when I unexpectedly lost my Dad last June to a heart attack. I think of how you persevered in life by pushing past the challenges life dealt you, and you kept a smile in your heart. Your strength gives me a spark of faith that someday I can overcome my sadness and one day I too can smile again. Thank you for setting the bar so high on having true courage. It challenges me to try to reach it. God bless you always. Keep smiling. Thank you for all the TV shows and movies….you are an amazing actor and you being in the show……whatever it was……made that show 100 times better. My whole family are fans. Hugs.

  144. Mr Stacy:
    Just found your web site. Thank you for having one. It was the only way that one could thank how to reach out to you.
    Then I read your “special announcement ” regarding Mr. Maunder – sad. But, will respect his wishes.
    It’s just that sometimes fans have a need to express their gratitude for the time an actor spent in front of a camera.
    That body of work was a gift from the actor to his audience. And being in the public eye results in his loss of privacy.
    Sometimes, as in your case, that gift extents beyond being an actor to how a man deals with life.
    So for both gifts – thank you for all the hours of entertainment and your courage in the face of adversity,
    Thank you for being there for us.
    You have touched our hearts, our minds, and our souls.
    Thank you for providing a way so we could tell you that you were and are loved.
    May God bless you.
    Chris. 4/13/16

  145. What a beautiful picture to welcome spring! Love the vibrant colors! I hope you are doing well. I wish you health and happiness. God bless you.
    Hugs, Barbara V.

  146. Hi James, what a sweet way to let us know about the eBay photo. As Billy Crystal was known to say “You look mahvelous!” ☺
    Would love to see some of that lovely green grass here but we have “snow” on the ground……in April.
    Thanks for the lovely photo here on the site and the Lancer one posted on ebay. I have been going around all day with this in my head: “There was a cowboy who had cat and Bingo was her name-o”………
    Take care and God bless!

  147. Thank you for the lovely Easter wishes. May you all enjoy a peaceful and beautiful Easter Sunday. God Bless!! ….M.

  148. Hi James, Forgot to mention in my post I made a minute ago. I now live on a street called Stacy Lane. It just happened to work out that way. It was a new subdivision and I picked out the lot before the roads were paved and so when I found out it was Stacy Lane, I thought, “Cool! Just like your stage name.” Just thought I’d let you know that every time I hear or think of my street name, you pop into my head. 🙂

  149. Hi James, I’ve admired you on Gunsmoke and many other shows that I’ve seen throughout my life. I admire your tremendous strength and ability to push past challenges and tremendous pain and be such a great hero to so many who see you as a positive example for overcoming obstacles and living life each day to the fullest. I hope I can someday find Lancer DVDs Box Set that I can buy and watch. My Mom told me lots about it and I’ve seen pictures of you online from the Series. I wish you a blessed and Happy Easter. I’m so happy to know you are active online. Thank you for all the terrific posts and info that you have on your website. God bless you always. Heather Hill

  150. James & Antigoni – I am wishing you and your family blessings for a wonderful, happy Easter. God bless. – Hugs, Barbara V

  151. James, Antigoni, Ruby, and family — Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter. -Carol Lemieux, Southington, CT

  152. Hello…..I first noticed you on Gunsmoke……i didn’t even know your name but you caught my eye by your smile and eyes……Found out your name and looked you up on the internet……Sorry for the troubles that you have had…Strange as i remember your horrible accident. but did not have a clue that was the guy i liked to show up on Gunsmoke. Now i have found this blog. i have never heard of Lancer but will be looking for it…Funny how this happened. and now i hope you have gotten over all your bad times….I am a year older then you and so have hit that big 80…Close to 81..My Husband and i watch Gunsmoke about 2 to 3 times a day….Love that, never watched it when it was on as i worked evenings in those years…Now may Peace be with you in these years…Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Hi james. Love the picture kit posted.
    Pray you and Antigoni are enjoying life together! God bless. Jim what kind of music do you listen to? Take care

  154. Hi James, I was not expecting to see you show up in the background on a Jerry Lewis film, The Delicate Delinquent.

  155. I just watched Flareup and what a excellent performance James gave. It was a joy to watch him act!

  156. I love your choice Kit! ☺ Thank you for the really nice photo from Memphis.
    Hi James, Antigoni and Ruby…..thinking of you all. God bless and Happy Spring! xx

  157. hi james & antigoni
    just a quick message to say I hope you both are keeping well & having a good start to
    2016. keep safe xx best wishes

  158. Im also sorry youve been through alot. Truth is you were every womans dream man. Period. You had it all. May life be good to you.

  159. I loved you in “Just a Little Inconvenience,” and was always glad to see you in any TV show you were in. I’m glad your website is back. I did a portrait of you many years ago. Unfortunately, I got harassed by a lady and took it down because she was ruthless. Sorry that you’ve had to suffer so much in your life. I admire you and wish you all the best.

  160. Was intending to post a message here for wishes regarding your birthday, Christmas and the New Year, but suddenly got sick and ended up in the hospital. Am now almost fully recovered. I hope you had a memorable 2015/2016 season and wishing you a great 2016. Also read Wayne’s message and admire your dedication to his wishes. He indeed has a good friend named Jim Stacy.

  161. James so very sorry for the loss of your friend Dan Haggerty. I enjoyed him very much on Grizzly Adams. Good memories I am sure! God bless. Love the picture of you and Dan!

  162. So sorry to read this sad news today about Dan Haggerty. I always watched his show Grizzly Adams, and very much enjoyed him as an actor. His exuberant smile and friendly nature always came through, and I imagine that was just his natural personality.
    James and Antigoni, I am sorry for your loss of such a longtime and dear friend. Thank you for sharing such a lovely photo of you and Dan together in a happy moment. He will definitely be missed by not only those who loved him, but by his many fans all over the world.

  163. Hi Jim. I grew up watching you; I would not leave the room till you went off. I thought you were the best looking man I had ever seen, and am happy to see you are doing good.

  164. Hi James,
    How very lucky we are to have two new photos from you in the span of one week. It is really lovely to see you and hope you enjoyed your New Year’s sushi along the beach. Thank you for the greetings and the photos, it is always very special when we get them.
    Best wishes to you all for the New Year. Take care and be very good! ☺…..and always, may God Bless!

  165. I like your new picture, you’re looking like you had a good day
    best wishes for the new year

  166. Happy New year ! I wish you strong health and lots of love in 2016. Live long and prosper , dear Mr. Stacy )

  167. Hi Mr. Stacy! Just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday and see from your picture that you must of had a good one! Still have that beautiful smile! I am taking my two grandchildren to see there other grandfather today. He is in rehab ,they had to remove his leg before Thanksgiving. Made me think of you and how you have overcome. He is already in his late 50’s though, I am sure seeing the kids will help some. On another note, love reading fan fiction to where Johnny lives on! I pray you and your family have the best New Year,yet! My youngest granddaughter is deaf and she always sees me watch you on Lancer.Taught her to sign cowboy, when she sees your pic.she signs cowboy! Love always you have brought a lot of happiness to us!

  168. Dear James, Antigoni, and sweet little Ruby:
    For 2016, wishing you all……..
    Beautiful moments filled with as many blessings as your hearts can hold.
    May God bless and keep you, throughout the New Year and always. ♡

  169. hi james,
    just to wish you, tig and your family a very happy new year, and lots of good fortune for 2016. I hope everything is ok with your leg now and not giving you to much pain!
    Sending lots of best wishes & love to you all Carol x
    and also to you kit a happy new year, best wishes

  170. Hi james
    Just saw your picture . Happy belated birthday! Blessings to you and your family. Love that smile !

  171. James,
    I hope you had a great birthday and Christmas. I wish you and your family a very happy, wonderful 2016. Happy New Year, and may it be a great year for all!
    Much love, Barbara V

  172. James to you and your family I would like to wish you and your family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2016 be a wonderful one for you all

  173. What a lovely birthday photo! Have a wonderful new year. With best wishes from Christine.

  174. Thank you for the beautiful birthday photo; seeing your bright smile was such a special treat with my morning coffee! That’s a pretty fine looking cake, too. Almost too pretty to eat, but I hope that didn’t stop you from enjoying a nice, big slice!
    Hope you all had a wonderful birthday and Christmas together. Take care…..Don’t forget!…….♡…..M.

  175. Dear Mr. Stacy
    It’s just the perfect time to send
    A lot of love your way.
    May your Christmas be white and wonderful
    Merry Christmas from Moscow!

  176. Hi james & tig
    sorry I`m abit late, but a very happy belated birthday for yesterday. Hope you are keeping well. Have yourself a very merry Christmas from England, keep well.
    best wishes love carol x

  177. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your special day. Happy Holidays and wishing you good health and happiness in the New Year.

  178. Just stopped by your website today to wish you a very Happy Birthday and wish you all the best for a wonderful year ahead.

  179. Happy birthday, James. I hope you had a very special day filled with love. Thank you for your amazing work over the years and your inspirational courage. Love, Amanda

  180. Hope you’re having a great birthday, James. Saw Double Exposure this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to see you at a Hollywood Collectors Show autograph session in the upcoming year!
    -RS Bear, Conejo Valley

  181. Happy birthday Mr. Stacy. I am not sure if you received my previous messages. I hope you have a blessed day. You are such an inspiration. May you, Antigoni, and Ruby have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  182. James i know its not your birthday yet there but it is here in Australia so i’m taking this opportunity to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you have the most wonderful day. May i also wish you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR
    Love zita xxxx

  183. Happy Birthday James! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. I know Antigoni and Ruby are doing it up right! I watched your DVD today and you continue to inspire me. Thank you! Wishing you, Antigoni, Ruby and new kitty a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with good health and happiness.
    Love, Mary Ryan

  184. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, with Health and Happy for the coming year.

    Kind Regards Trish (New Zealand)

  185. Happy Birthday, James, and many, many more filled with good health and love. Also, wishing Merry Christmas to you, Antigoni, Ruby and your family and a New Year filled with everything that is good.
    Carol Lemieux – Southington, Connecticut

  186. Thank you for this website! I love reading the comments. 2 great groups I joined Lancer, Best Western Ever and TeamStacyUK , both on Facebook for all the Lancer lovers. I hope you have a Happy Birthday , James Stacy. You are loved by so many and I feel as though I’ve met so many nice people through our love for you. Please consider joining Facebook in 2016 so we can all say hi to you from time to time? Pretty please?? Have a Merry Christmas too. Sincerely, Barbara Keaney 12/23/15.

  187. Hi James, I’ve been a fan since before the Lancer days. Loved Lancer — never missed an episode. Wishing you a very happy birthday today! Merry Christmas and all the best for a very happy and healthy New Year!
    Love, Germaine

  188. Wishing you Happy Birthday and hope you enjoyed yourself. Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

  189. Happy Birthday!!
    You are in my thoughts most days but especially today. I hope you have a lovely time, surrounded by your loved ones.

  190. Hello James
    I just called to say I love you
    and Happy Birthday — 21 again eh!
    Hope you’ve had a good day and that you are in good health
    May 2016 be a good one for you
    God Bless xx

  191. Happy birthday Mr. Stacy! You have brought so much joy over the years in your performances. I hope you have a wonderful day with Antigoni and Ruby. ♡♡♡

  192. Happy birthday Mr. Stacy! You have brought much joy to many over the years. I hope you have a wonderful day with Antigoni and Ruby. ♡♡♡

  193. Dear Mr. Stacy,
    Happy Birthday to you.
    I wish you everything and even more.
    Lots of kisses and hugs.
    Your very sincere friend from Moscow.
    Marianne Andrianova.

  194. Hi James,
    I wish you only happiness and peace on your birthday. May you enjoy many, many more. You are such an inspiration, and are loved by so many. Enjoy your special day with Antigoni & Ruby. I also wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
    Love, Barbara V. in Louisiana

  195. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, good health and Happiness for Christmas and throughout 2016
    God Bless

  196. Hi James, I wanted to stop by and send my very best wishes for your birthday. I also wanted to share with you one of my favorite quotes regarding getting older. Here it is: “Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened?!” 🙂
    But there is one very important point to mention regarding getting older: “The older you become, the more treasured you are. ”

    Have a beautiful birthday with Antigoni, and Ruby…..and all the best wishes for a wonderful Christmas.
    May God Bless, and please take care. Much love from Boston…….M. xx

  197. Enjoy your birthday, Holiday and New Year from far over the ocean (Austria)…
    to you, Tig and Ruby

  198. DEAR JAMES STACY, WILL YOU BE MY FOREVER SOUL MATE? I , too am half Scottish Irish and half Lebanese. I just found this out about you and have loved you all my life since little girl ,Lancer. I didn’t watch for anyone but you. I agree with the women here who say you are most handsome man they’ve ever seen. You really are. No one has even come close to you! You are gorgeous forever! Your personality comes through, what a sweetheart you are, too. I hope to see you Facebook in 2016? Happy Birthday coming up December 23. xoxox’s always !! Barbara Keaney

  199. I drove my mom crazy some 48 years ago looking for jeans that had silver buttons down the legs. I was crazy about you as so many other women have mentioned. Glad to see you made it through. Take care of yourself.

  200. James, hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love you always.

  201. Hello,

    I’m one your fans from Iran . I always watched Lancer every Saturday .I guess I was 11 or 12 years old at that time . I was searching in web today and I saw your website incidentally.
    Just wanted to say that you are still my favorite actor 🙂

  202. James Stacy, James Stacy, I should have gone back to work by now … but I got caught up in the Highway To Heaven episode with you in it! Just found it by accident on UK TV. Then I started wondering how you’re doing these days & found this website …
    It’s been the best part of half a century since I first saw that smile, and you’ve still got it I see. Loved your work big time … privileged to make contact today. I can die a happy woman!!

  203. James Stacy….One of my all time favorite Actors..Loved the movies and TV shows you appeared in….growing up in the 60’s you were and still one of my favorites…You are the BEST……..

  204. Peter, there was no way old Mr. Dillon could outdraw our boy! Nope; just the first recorded case of suicide by lawman…lost his “pa”, lost his friend, lost his girl…and nothing but prison or the hangman’s noose waitin’ for him. Question is, how come Matt went through with it instead of just wounding the poor kid?

  205. Hi Jim. I just finished watching Gunsmoke and the episode “Vengeance” part 1 and 2. Being a huge Gunsmoke fan I had to let you know it was great to see your website. You did a great job in those episodes, but did you really let Matt outdraw you at the end? 🙂

  206. hi james,
    just a short message to keep in touch, you are in my thoughts and always will be. just read the announcement from wayne maunder it`s so sad to hear of his decision he has had to make. lots of best wishes carol x

  207. As a young girl I fell in love with a Seabee in “South Pacific”. Then that Seabee got my heart again in “Lancer”. Of course that was years ago although it seems just like yesterday. You were always (and still are) one actor who I could watch over and over again and never grow tired or bored at any of your characters. Hoping you have fond memories of your active acting days, but wish you’d make one more tv or movie appearance. You’re still in my heart and probably always will be. From one forever fan – Debbi Girth Geer (29 Sep 2015)

  208. Hi Jim. I am a fan, like so many others, since the Lancer days, and have followed your career since then. I also liked Just a Little Inconvenience and other movies you were in. Since I am from the East Coast, and there are not many cowboy functions out this way, I’ll never have the opportunity to meet you. But you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  209. Hi! Just finished watching Flareup. I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. Your portrayal of Johnny Madrid Lancer will always be my favorite. I hope you are doing well.

  210. Hi, James! Just a quick note to let you know I am still, and will always be, a fan! xo

  211. My Directv is out this week so I’m watching lots of old VHS tapes to keep from going crazy with no tv reception. I came across a few old Lancer tapes I had and now I remember why I loved the show and James Stacy so much. Is there anywhere I can drop him a note just to tell him how much I appreciate his efforts? I’m not on Facebook.
    (Hope my e-mail address is safe on this site. I usually don’t give it out. T.U.)

  212. What a beautiful spot for breakfast, not sure I would ever want to leave it! Hope you spent a wonderful day there. It’ s great to see you, thank you for sharing with us this lovely photo at the shore. Be good to yourself and may God bless…..♡

  213. Oi Kit… Adorei a foto. Já estava sentindo falta de algo novo. Obrigada por postar. Deixo um beijo para o James. É tão bom saber que ele está bem.

  214. Hello James,It’s so good to finally say Thank You for sharing you talent,your smile and everything else with me.You are the first actor i fell in love with.I’m 62 yrs young and i’m still in love with you.I hope and pray that everything is going your way.Keep your chin up and the good Lord will see you through anything.Love You

  215. Hi James. A big hello from the UK. Really enjoyed the Cagney and Lacey episode last week and seeing you again. This took me right back to my youth and my feelings of indignation that the BBC were airing the last episode of Lancer in the UK and following it with another western Alias Smith and Jones with two ‘up starts’ Pete Duel and Ben Murphy! I finally got over it and realised that the world was big enough for my three favourite boys! Thanks so much for the memories and for being the very first love of my life! X

  216. Hi James. Just watched you on an episode of Highway to Heaven and remembered what a crush I had on you from the Lancer days. Based on pics from your web site, you are still “crush” material. Wishing you love, peace and happiness!

  217. Hi james from the uk.
    I hope you are well – last week on CBS action, the episode of streets of san francisco shown was the one you were in, and tomorow on BBC2 -The Cagney and Lacey episode is the one you were also in – what a treat to be to able record both!

  218. I found you late, in my 50’s, as Yankton in some western on ME TV. You inspire an unladylike lust in my heart, wish I met you when I was young and beautiful, sigh. I hope life is always kind to you.

  219. James, I can see your tv episodes on my computer. What a great smile you have, thanks for sharing it with us! Gracee

  220. Grace, Today I woke up to see your smile on your webpage for the first time. I watched you on Lancer when I was only 5 years old. My dad and I were western fans, mostly because of great actors like yourself. I followed your trail or rather it followed me as I grew to age 53. Newspapers, and cable and now the internet. I have waited so long to say, I think you are the most handsome actor of this generation, with a personal style that makes a true celebrity one to remember. Just glad to see you have had some happiness. Wishing you a bright and cheery day, and happy trails. You really matter!

  221. Hi all, just wanted to give a heads up to check your local TV land listing for Mon. June 1. Gunsmoke is scheduled to air both episodes of Vengeance with James as Bob Johnson. Enjoy!!

  222. Hi, I just saw you on the Donna Reed show. I have thought of you over the years. I am happy you are doing well. I hope you continue to smile.

  223. Hi there James,
    Thanks for being an inspiration by making it through the difficult challenges life has given you! My boyfriend is in a wheelchair since the age of 27 and I told him about you, got him to watch “just a little inconvenience” which inspired and moved him. I have been a fan of yours since i was 9yrs when i saw you in Lancer. I love all your tv and film roles. I think you are an amazingly talented actor. I like the way you are so expressive and rellymbring the characters to life. I wish the tv studio that made Lancer had made a prequel about Johnny Madrid as I think that would have made a great series and a great story.
    All the very best wishes to you and Antigone.
    Siobhan McNeil

  224. Hi Mr. Stacey, I have always been a fan of yours, enjoyed watching Lancer when it was first televised, of course I had a crush on you. But I really enjoyed the show, and now with YouTube we can see them again. I hope they do come out with DVD’s someday. Hope all is well, and thank you for providing this website, Best wishes

  225. I haven’t been to this site in a long time. Nice to see that it is so active! I was inspired to watch the pilot episode today on YouTube. Having visited the Monterey area recently I started thinking about the hacienda. I did a little research and found that it is part of the Santa Lucia Preserve. Sadly it doesn’t look like it’s open to the public. I’m sure you don’t remember but I was at the first “reunion”. That was a great time.

  226. Love you and named my youngest son Lance for your roll (and show) on Lancer! He is now 28.
    I never missed an episode and my best friend Mary and I got into some big trouble one night trying to walk home to see it. LOL
    Thank you for having this website for all to enjoy!

  227. Hi Mr. Stacy, I just wanted you to know how much you and the show Lancer meant to me as a child . It meant everything as I was 11 and going thru a lot. You were such a great actor as Johnny! Even though you are a great actor I know you showed some of your true self, as the heart will always show thru! When I was a teenager I was bless to get a horse, of course I chose a palamino! Mr. Stacy I have always liked how you have overcome your hurdles in life. May we just be grateful that your beautiful smile and laugh made us feel it too! I wish you well! Thank you for showing you do love deeply, even if it was just acting! You have a good spirit Mr. Stacy ! We all fall sometimes , the weak things make us stronger. I will always love you. I met my husband because he wanted a ride on my horse. Well former now. Love to ride back then! Take care, adios!!! Keep smiling that beautiful smile!!! May God bless you and your family!

  228. Silvana — James is fine; enjoying the California sunshine! I’m the one who has been behind in the postings, but hope to have something new up very soon!

  229. Oi James! Desde o Natal você não posta nada no site. Espero que você esteja bem. Tenha lindos dias e noites. Um beijo.

    Translation: Hi James! Since Christmas you do not put anything on the site. I hope you are well. Be beautiful days and nights. A kiss.

  230. Hi James: Just watched you on Gunsmoke on TV Land (4/8/15). I thought I’d look you up on IMDB and discovered your website. I enjoyed you performance. Hope all is well.

  231. Hello James. Enjoyed you on Gunsmoke. Best wishes. All regards, Marty.

  232. Hi james, hope you are keeping well with easter an week away, I thought I better send a message, if you get easter eggs in sunny California try not to eat to many or poor Tig won`t be able to push you lol (I know it`s motorised), I will shut up now. Happy easter Kit and lots of luv to you all Carol x

  233. Wow didnt know this site was up and running, so glad it is. Just seen an episode of the Foleys and Black Angel and loved it. Keep your sunny side up James

  234. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Lancer when it first ran and how much I am enjoying it again(along with everything else you did that I can find). I didn’t discover this site until after Christmas so I missed the DVD but I will keep watching for other special projects. Hoping that you are doing well and that this year is a great one for you and your loved ones. Joyce

  235. Watching “Posse” now thought I would look up your bio, glad your doing good and handsome as ever! I also had a major crush on you..

  236. Hi Mr. Stacy,
    I had a major crush on you as a teenager (20’3, 30’s …..) Couldn’t believe your courage after the horrible accident. Boggled my mind. Anyway, I saw a clip of The Donna Reed Show where Shelly F. sang “Johnny Angel” and there you were! Watched a few more You.Tube cllps starring you and then stumbled onto this website. So happy to see you’re doing so well and have so many loyal fans. You look wonderful and happy. Warms my heart. Take care and I’ll check back often to see any more pictures/stories that may be posted on here. ~ Deb

  237. Dear Jim,
    My dad died in Vietnam in 1969 and he wrote in his letters that he loved you in Lancer. He would be your age if he had lived. I had the pleasure of seeing some of your work and I was really taken back. I hope this finds you well and would one day like to meet you in person at one of your appearances. You are an inspiration to me. Wishing you all the best for this coming year.

  238. Hi,
    The movie that you’re in called Posse
    Is on the western channel on Saturday night and have work I hope
    I get home in time to watch it
    Take care and in joy the day
    Kathy Badian

  239. Hi ,Mr. Stacy
    I really like watching you on lancer
    recently purchased Lancer DVD set
    Well me sister bought it for me last
    Week and me and my roommate ( my
    Mom) been showing a disc a day we
    Are on disc 9 we love watching ok
    I love them she like watching them
    too the quality. Of the DVD are ok
    Some are good some are bad but
    I Love just the some
    Take care

  240. Hey Jim, don’t know if you remember but this is Mike your driver in Lake Placid at the 1980 Olympics. I hope all is well for you these days. Thought of you many times over the years.

  241. saw you on the Donna Reed show today and just wanted to let you know that I’m glad to hear that all is going well with you. That show really makes me happy and I enjoy watching.

  242. hi everyone (especially james), it`s been a while seen I`ve been in touch but never for-gotten, I have a lovely photo which I had just before xmas so I can`t forget. Happy valentine for last week (needed some help with those cards) lol. I hope you & Antigoni are well, & here in England could do with some dry very warm sunshine so do your best lol lots of love carol x

  243. Hi James, wanted to stop by and wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for posting the photos over the Christmas holidays. It was great to see you.
    Best wishes to you, Antigoni, and little Ruby…..and also to Kit.

    PS. If you could send some of your California sunshine our way, we could sure use it, and we’ll send you some of our snow!…..Deal?…..Hmmm….I didn’t think so. ☺

    Much love from “Boston” xoxo

  244. Oi James… Você é mesmo um homem especial! Até no Irã elas te amam.. Adorei o post da Mahmoud; lindas palavras ela escreveu, cheias de poesia. Ela deve ter lindas lembranças de você. Beijos com carinho.

    Hi James … You’re a special man! Even in Iran they love you .. I loved the post of Mahmoud; beautiful words she wrote, poetry filled. She must have beautiful memories of you. Kisses with love.

  245. James Stacy, beautiful and lovely.
    Your smile is clear memories of my youth.
    I can not say anything other than that I love you.
      I am Mahmoud

  246. Hi, Jim,

    Here’s a blast from the wayback — I played Harry in that Tom Loughlin indie in Milwaukee. Your name came up in conversation tonight, and I thought I’d look you up. All good thoughts and blessings for 2015 to you and yours.

  247. Ditto and so sexy as johnny madrid in those leather pants!
    God bless

  248. Loved you from way back. We all have problems; and I’ve had my share; but all you can do is keep your chin up be proud, and live the life you have. Hope to see you appearing some where close. Our family has never forgotten you. Don’t forget when you are feeling blue and think no one cares, your fans are still out here. Talk to us, let us know how you are doing and never give up. We are all a bit older, but we are still here, and we do care. Posted on my behalf by my daughter, Lydia.

  249. Happy New Year, – From New Zealand
    Thanks for the awesome DVD which arrived just after Xmas, (so well packed) – bit of a trip down memory lane in some parts. -and very inspirational in others. I Recommend it to all- a MUST see.
    Health and Happiness for 2015,
    Cheers. Trish

  250. Happy New Year! It’s January 3, 2015 and I just received the James Stacy dvd that I ordered from your Ebay page on this site. A very nice way to keep ringing in the new year. I thoroughly enjoyed it and then had to watch it again! To all of your fans out there my advice is to order this special dvd while it’s still available. You won’t find the majority of the content anywhere else. It’s a must see and very inspirational. Jim, your courage and triumph of the human spirit is there as well as the contagious spirit and smile that translates so well to film.

    Thanks Jim and Antigoni for making it available.

    Take Care,

    Laurie Black

  251. Dear Jim: My computer has been down so my birthday wishes to you are a bit belated but just as sincere. It was a tremendous honor to meet you in McKinney and be able to spend time with you, Tig, and Stacy (I was the girl with the grey cowboy hat that you liked so much that you had to try it on). I am particularly grateful for how intently you listened to my story about how you helped me so much, several years ago. It meant a lot to me – especially your response. You’re a good man, Jim Stacy. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. Take good care of your lady – she’s worth her weight in gold. Stay strong, my friend. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

  252. I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with joy, good surprises and, most of all, a very good health !

  253. Happy New Year to you james & tig. It has just gone midnight & been watching a lot of memories of you & now I feel abit of happiness / sadness. So have a great 2015 take care Carol x

  254. Happy New Year!
    If 2015 is as happy and enjoyable for you as you made 2014 for me, you have a fantastic year ahead. Finding this website in early January was one of the best experiences I have had on the internet/world-wide-web. Discovering, watching and collecting your work over the year as listed on your credits page, was just awesome. Your diversity and adoptability to act out roles in different genres never ceases to amaze me. What a talent, so natural and enjoyable to watch, you are simply the best that I have ever watched. Getting reacquainted with my hero and role model from my teenage years (which you still are) has been an absolute delight. Getting your special DVD on Monday past has been the perfect end to a very special year for me. The DVD is absolutely fantastic both my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Thank-you so much, it is a very humbling experience to be able to post a message to your web page and enjoy reading other fans messages especially the pictures you have uploaded to share with us your fans.
    I wish you good health and happiness throughout 2015, may it be prosperous and bring you every wish your heart desires
    Take care and God Bless

  255. i hope you & tig both had a lovely Christmas day with your family & friends around you, i did it was lovely. Love the new picture. Loads of love to you both xx

  256. I was cruising on the True Grit wiki and saw your ex’s credits and wki’ed you and I must say you are a definite example of courage and I’m happy to see your doing well!!! I met you many times upon my visits to Warner Bro’s because my uncle was Yul Brynner and the various times that I cruised to see him at his office in the 70’s you were always nice and friendly doing your business.Small world, I live here in Montecito / Santa Barbara and one of your co-stars Kirk Douglas is my next door neighbor, small world Mr.Stacey. I’m so glad you had lunch here at Hendry’s beach or one of our great places to enjoy!!! Santa Barbara is beautiful this time of year and the beauty radiates thru the people who live here. This place is magical , please come back your a True Grit of a guy!!! EMO

  257. Happy Birthday James. I hope you had a beautiful sunny day like last year. I’m a Christmas baby too (12/17) and each year my parents remind me of what a gift it was in 1960 to put me in my basinet under the tree. I’ll bet your holiday birth gave your parents the same joy that it gave mine. Merry Christmas to you, Antigoni and Ruby (I love the new Santa picture). My hope is that you and all of your family will enjoy a happy healthy New Year.

    Take Care,

    Laurie Black

  258. Wishing you a very happy birthday and a joyous Christmas. Hoping 2015 makes all your wishes come true

  259. 12/23/2014 Dear James, how very special it is to come here today and be able to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope you are having a wonderful day and it is filled with lots of cheer ( and presents! ) ☺
    ….. You are very special to a lot of people as you can see from the many comments posted here. I hope you know how much.
    Also wishing you, Antigoni and Ruby a very Merry Christmas! Be well and May God Bless! xxx

    Much love from “Boston” PS….very sweet photo w/ Santa!

  260. Hi james

    Today is your Birthday and I’m wishing you a Happy and joyous day
    You are a huge inspiration to me everyday, believe me brother you been through it
    and your courage is uncommon! I wish you wouldn’t have retired so soon many actors in their 70’s please come back your presence is missed on the screen.
    Have a Happy Birthday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year

  261. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Thanks again for all the joy you have given me over the years.

  262. How amazing is it that I was thinking of my first favorite actor, James Stacy, when I stumble on to this site and find out is his birthday!!! God bless you James. I want to say “thank you” Thank you for doing the show “Lanser” I watched it every week. I hope you are well and even though you had some terrible events happen in the past…..You still have much to offer….God only made one of you. Thanks again for all the memories of my favorite show!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I did not know that you were married to Connie Stevens at one time. I love her too!!!! beautiful

  263. Happy Birthday!! Wish you all the happiness in the world.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year also!!

    With love and best wishes and hugs and kisses

    PS. Love your new picture with Ruby and Santa.

  264. Happy Birthday James! I love the Christmas picture! You still have the most contagious smile! Thanks for sharing it! Merry Christmas to you, Tig and Ruby!
    Love Ya!

  265. Hi James, Wishing you many happy returns for today, & a very merry christmas & a happy new year for you and Tig, long may there be many more, like the lady said i would like to hear from you, i know i will never be able to see you. like you your b`day is 2 days before xmas, mine is 2 days after on the 27th. So thank you for giving me a lot of pleasure in watching you on utube. Lots of love carol xx

  266. Bonjour James Stacy,
    I try to send you another message from France. Best witches for your birthday.
    I love the cute photo of you, with Santa Claus & Ruby. Wonderful smile. Merry Christmas.
    Thank you because, you keeping the contact with all of us. Amicales pensées.

    Marie-Christine COUSTOU
    Cannes le 23 décembre 2014
    Bonjour James,
    Heureuse de voir sur cette ravissante photo que vous vous portez mieux.
    Cette année pas de carte ni de visite, je profite du site pour vous souhaiter un très Bon Anniversaire aujourd’hui et un Joyeux Noël demain sans oublier de vous présenter ainsi qu’à Antigoni et Ruby (là il n’aboie pas, ouf!) mes Meilleurs Voeux de Bonheur et de Santé pour 2015.
    Bises, MCC votre fidèle fan française

  268. Happy birthday JS(JML), I hope that the coming years would give you the best of health, merry christmas too and a peaceful new year

  269. Oi Mr Jim. Passei por aqui para te desejar Feliz Aniversário! Todos nós trazemos um sonho secreto e precioso no coração. Desejo que você realize o seu em 2015. Ah… já ia me esquecendo… Feliz Natal! Beijos com carinho.

  270. Many Happy Returns!
    Wishing you a very happy birthday, may your day be perfect and special in every way. I also want you to wish you and your family a Merry and Joyful Christmas.
    God Bless

  271. 23 Dec 2014 – Birthday wishes
    Hoping you have a wonderful day, and a happy and safe festive season.
    (Loved the picture)

  272. Dec 22, 2014…Somehow my comments were deleted as I was writing…so here goes again. I know tomorrow is your birthday…getting an early jump on wishing you a very special day…may it be filled with joy. To you and Tig…a most Happy Christmas and New Year. May it be a better one in every way! (I hope the message did not repeat…it was unintentional)!

  273. Dec. 22, 2014…I know your birthday is tomorrow on December 23rd. Posting early because ….well, can’t say I won’t forget! Wishing you a wonderful day…may it be special in every way. To you and Tig…a most Happy Christmas and New Year! May it be a better one for you both!

  274. Hi James

    I wish you., your family and your dog a very happy holiday season and the best the new year can bring you.
    I have been in love with you since I first saw you on Lancer in the early 70,s.
    You are the most handsome man I have ever sean.
    I know it would be hard for you to write to all of your fans but I sure would love to
    hear from you.

    Lots of love
    Dianne Rogers
    Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

  275. Hope you have s Happy Birthday and a wonderful holiday.You have been my favorite actor for years

  276. James, I hope this birthday will be your happiest and this Christmas your merriest. Hope all good things come to you and your family this coming New Year.

  277. Hi James and Tig (and Ruby),
    Cute picture with Santa!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year bring only good things into your lives.

  278. Hi JS,am so glad to have found Lancer once again after some 40+years

  279. Hello James and Tig, I wanted to wish you a happy and healthy New Year. And a Wonderfully Merry Christmas. Love your Picture with Santa, James. I think Santa will grant you your Christmas wish….
    I am so sorry to have missed you at the Kanab Western Legends Festival this year and hope your knee is doing better. I hope to meet you in person at another festival in 2015. I will keep my fingers crossed and my eye on your website. Love you, and God Bless, Diane

  280. Just another fan, wishing you well . . . THANK YOU for entertaining us through your work, and inspiring many of us who have faced our own adversities. Value life, each and every day . . . always.

    Happy Holidays, and a Happy Birthday on the 23rd!

  281. Carol, we aren’t familiar with the site ioffers; and can’t offer any suggestions as to its validity. Sorry.

  282. i came across a website called ioffers doing the complete dvds on the lancer westerns for £24.96, just wondering how genuine do you think it is? and has anyone else seen this. Jim love the photo with santa, you are looking well! best wishes carol

  283. Hi. I have been enjoying Lancer on utube and just want to say thank you for how much pleasure watching them has given me. All the very best from an Australian fan.

  284. Oi Johnny! Seu site está muito silencioso. Já está na hora de atualizar. Seus fãs agradecem. Quando entro aqui ouço o toc, toc dos meus sapatinhos. Deus o abençoe. Beijos com carinho.

    (Hi Johnny! Your site is very quiet. It’s time to upgrade. Thank his fans. When I go here I hear the knock, knock of my shoes. God bless you. Kisses with love.)

  285. Happy Thanksgiving James, Tig and Ruby! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! God Bless You

  286. Hi James,

    I doubt you will remember me but we met back in 1985-86 when you lived down town L.A.. You were so gracious to me and I have never forgotten your kindness. I had just moved to L.A. and my LAPD friend lived in your building and I ended up staying with her there for a short period. Anyway she introduced me to you and you invited me over to discuss my acting ambitions. Long story short, you hooked me up with your agent Flo J. and I just want you to know that I really appreciated that and have always been grateful to you. Hope all is well with you and you are in my prayers.
    Keith (Toby) Greene aka Trent Hopkins

  287. Gee, I hadn’t visited the page in a while. It looks great. I haven’t found you on Facebook, though. Haven’t you joined?

  288. Hi there, Was just surfing – (and not working like I should have been) found your website, was very envious of all the opportunities to walk down memory lane that are avaible in the states. (We here in New Zealand don,t really have the same population to carry it off). Loved the photo, like then and now. You have still got it!!!! and now I have got caught up in the u tube watching reruns of Lancer and Facebook OMG I,all never get any work done? Thanks for brighting up an otherwise ordinary day

  289. Rhonda, check the E-bay link here on the site. Autographed pictures can be purchased through E-bay, as well as authorized memorabilia. Thanks for your kind words and your interest!

  290. Hi Mr. James Stacy, I loved watching you in Lancer as Johnny Madrid I even had a pair of black pants with the silver on them. I have loved you for years and always will. How can I get an autographed picture of you for my collection? I hope to hear from you soon and am so glad you have a website. Love ya, Rhonda Cantrell

  291. Dear Maurice Elias James Stacy Johnny Madrid Lancer all rolled into one! Your good energy and spirit are in all of these and we all feel lucky to have been able to experience the one of a kind “they broke the mold” wonderful person that you have shared with us all of these years. I love the latest “portrait” (which is what it looks like) of you and Johnny. It should be framed and put over your mantle. Thanks as always for breathing life into our favorite cowboy. Hi to Antigoni and Ruby too -hope you all are having a good week.

    Take Care,

    Laurie Black

  292. “Hi Johnny … I came by and saw the picture you posted with the image of Johnny Madrid in the background. Was great. The same eyes, the same smile … You’re a beautiful cowboy! It has a lovely smile. Kisses with affection.”

    Silvana, I so love your posts! Just validates what we all know: that James has fans all across the world!

  293. Oi Johnny… Passei por aqui e vi a foto que você postou, com a imagem do Johnny Madrid ao fundo. Ficou ótima. Os mesmos olhos, o mesmo sorriso… Você é um lindo cowboy! Tem um sorriso encantador. Beijos com carinho.

  294. In reply to kaye’s comment i agree with everything you said, i also saw him in an episode of Highway to Heaven where he was so professional in the way he portrayed his character. So it has been a short time since i have send a message, hope you are keeping well jim all the best. Carol

  295. So glad that MeTV is running all the old westerns. Just saw the “Vengeance” episode of Gunsmoke and there you were. Looking awesome and acting with passion. Great to see your site and you look fantastic!! God bless ya for making so many happy…simply the best!

  296. I also had such a crush on you when I was a young girl. You were so darn handsome and that smile of yours….so good to see your smile back in the 2013 picture. Just want to wish you the best.

  297. Hi Jim, Just watched a Gunsmoke episode with you as Bob Johnson. I recognized you right off from your backside. Lol! You were my first crush as a young girl and I have to say that seeing you today made my heart skip again all these years later. I felt terrible for you after the accident in 1973. My heart went out to you for everything you had to be going through. Saw you years later on Cagney and Lacey. I remember your character as being bitter and I’m so glad your accident didn’t cause you to seek out an early grave. So glad to see you’re still around. Thanks for the crush yesterday and still today. Maria

  298. Oi Kit! Obrigada pelas correções. Vou passar sempre por aqui para ver as novidades. Que Deus a abençoe! Beijos.

  299. Oi, Silvana! A little translation is in order and I hope I have this right.

    “Hi, Johnny! The world is much more beautiful with you in it. Glad you are here. Kisses filled with affection.”

  300. Oi Johnny! O mundo fica bem mais bonito com você. Que bom que você existe! Beijos recheados de carinho.

  301. Hi, Jim,

    My name is Jim, too. I just found your web site. I have been reaquainted with Lancer
    watching it again after a nearly 25 year absence from TV syndication in reruns. I found
    someone with a DVD set of the complete series of 51 episodes including also a rare
    B & W unaired version of the pilot episode (1968) that I had never seen before.
    The quality isn’t great (they are from VHS recordings of the show when it aired on
    a TV station in Montreal, Canada apparently in the late 80’s or 90’s but they are
    better than nothing. I always liked Lancer and have missed it; I actually preferred
    it and The Big Valley (another popular 60’s TV Western series) to Bonanza, of the
    “ranch Western” genre. I am glad that your past problems are behind you and
    are doing better these days, and a wonderful job has been done with this web site.
    I wanted to address an issue that has been mentioned by the Lancer fans asking
    when Lancer is going to be released on commercial DVD for all to relive and enjoy.
    Someone online wrote ME-TV and asked them about airing Lancer, to which they
    replied that Lancer could not be shown because it was “in the wrong format” for
    current HD viewing. I presume it is still on film and not on videotape; the fans
    can feel free to correct me if this is not accurate. I last saw Lancer aired in the
    mid to late 80’s on cable’s USA Network as part of their “Sunday Showdown”
    lineup on Sunday nights along with The Virginian and Wanted–Dead Or Alive.
    As far as I know, 20th Century Fox studios (which has released several of their
    TV series properties on DVD, their 60’s sci-fi shows anyway) still owns the rights
    to Lancer and I assume that any “official” DVD release would have to come from
    them. However, my suggestion to Lancer fans is to contact Timeless Media Group,
    which has released many TV Westerns of the 50’s through 70’s on DVD in recent
    years both short-lived and long-running alike. That would be their best bet.
    Hope this is of some help to the Lancer fans. Thanks for listening. Best wishes,
    Jim Smallwood, Montgomery, Alabama.

  302. Hi James
    I am English and a Londoner and watched Lancer with my granddad whom I lived with. He was my hero and LOVED westerns but I was a young teenager absolutely besotted with Johnny Lancer and James Stacy! In the 70’s we had fan magazines and girl magazines full of pictures of you and Wayne Maunder and various other hot men that we could cut out and keep. I completely covered my walls and even the ceiling of my very small bedroom with pictures of you and the the Irish, Manchester United footballer George Best and put the pictures up with pins in the wall. Needless to say I got in a terrible amount of trouble when my grandfather walked in and saw all the holes in the plasterwork!!! Watching old episodes of Gunsmoke and Lancer on You tube in which you starred is bringing back fabulous memories.
    Take care

  303. just found all the Lancer shows on youtube been trying to find them for years.started watching and couldn’t when I was a kid I use to playrole I was you.means a lot to me to see you still doing was and still are a HERO to a lot of us out here.

  304. James,

    I have to admit I was not familiar with your work till a couple weeks
    ago. A friend had a copy of “Double exposure” I watched it and Thought
    that you were so powerfull on screen , so much presence and ease with acting
    you had to be a leading man. So i looked you up on IMDB and sure enough
    James Dean with black hair! Since then I have been watching every episode of Lancer
    and looking for other films you have done. You are one of our greatest actors
    what you have can’t be taught in an acting class, you have presence and raw talent
    like you weren’t acting at all. I wish you wouldn’t have retired and I hope to see you
    on the silver screen in the future, for latecomers like me who are just discovering your work, glad to have a way to speak to you and let you know simply this!
    You are one of the greatest actors in the business extremely proud of your work.
    I will make sure to stop by here often to see what you are up to.
    Take care buddy


  305. james, after seeing all those fabulous pictures on the photography site. is there any chance of a calender being printed for 2015. i’m sure i’m not on my own lots of love carol

  306. James,

    I’ve had a crush on you since Lancer and have enjoyed all your performances. My favorite non-Lancer roles are Gunsmoke ‘The Widow and the Rogue’ and your guest spot on Cagney and Lacy. I’m delighted to find this sight and learn a bit about how you are doing on Facebook fan pages. I wish you the very best of everything and pray that you are enjoying good health and happiness. Be well, friend.

  307. James it was so good to meet you at Spirit of the Cowboy in Texas – your good spirit will always come through in your smile and you will continue to be a source of inspiration to me. Seeing all of you special cowboys in one place was a gift I’ll never forget. I grew up watching all of you and those good memories will always stay with me. Antigoni, it was so good to meet you and I wanted to thank you again for your welcoming spirit – the pictures that you took are wonderful and I’ll treasure them.
    Ruby was a sweetheart and very patient with all of the commotion going on around her.
    Hope you all are now rested from the trip and James continues to have improvement with his knee.

    Take Care,

    Laurie Black

  308. Carol, we are waiting here in the States as well for FOX to remaster and issue LANCER on DVD. The fan base continues to grow; and we are pleased that U-Tube offers many channels where the episodes can still be seen. And you didn’t ramble at all.

  309. In England we are still waiting for dvd of lancer to be issued so i can watch it again on the big screen. Lots of love to you and your family xx Carol

  310. hi james, just to say like everyone else, lancer was & is my favourite western i have watched many westerns & to you were brilliant is a under-statement you looked so natural in the part of johnny. At the time of your accident i was about 14 my mom cut out a small picture of you out of the paper which i would lie in bed looking at you & now i dont no where it is now. Sorry about the rambling this is the first time i have ever done anything like this before. But you do still look great.

  311. James and Antigoni – Great meeting you in McKinney. Congratulations on the award James and the quilt Antigoni. James, I so admire how you handle your handicap. You are an amazing man. I only hope to do as well as you. Thanks so much for the great entertainment you’ve provided from your acting career.

    Deb Busse

  312. James, I’m watching a YouTube video of Johnny Angel and I see you there with Donna Reed…..I was a teenager st that time and so in love with you…..fond memories. I immediately looked up your page to say, “Hi”. While on your page I discovered your birthday was 23 Dec…..We have that in common….Now when I celebrate my birthday I’ll think of you… wishes always…..

  313. Sorry I won’t be able to attend SOTC in McKinney. Was really hoping for the chance to meet you and thank you in person for all of the hours of great entertainment you have provided throughout you career. Have a safe trip and a great time. Between this site and the many FB Lancer groups hope to see photos and anecdotes. I will be sending my hugs vicariously through all of the Lancer Ladies in attendance. Who knows, Maybe next year there’ll be another chance. Love and good wishes to you and Antigoni and Ruby. (She sure looks alot like my Rusty!)

  314. Hi Jim,

    So glad to see you’re counting down to The Spirit of the Cowboy – hope this means your knee is getting better each day… have a comfortable trip.

    Take Care,

    Laurie Black

  315. Howdy!
    Greeting from the Emerald Isle.
    I have many great memories of Lancer. Especially Johnny who was as Cool as a cucumber, free as a bird, yet as strong willed and wild as a mustang, the ideal role model for a young teenage lad to look up and champion their hero. After the series went over I never seen it again but I always remembered that orange shirt.
    I found this web site one evening in early January this year, by sheer chance, though from I have, I visit it regularly, especially the credits page where all your work is listed. Wow what a journey and variety in different genres.
    I am working my way through the different films and episodes of your other work and I am having an absolute ball. I have been able to collect most of the films from Amazon and there is some other work on YouTube also.
    I never seen Ozzie & Harriet before, I reckon it wasn’t shown over here, maybe because in those days most people wouldn’t have had telly’s and I would have been too young to remember it. To date the episode that stands out most for me, is the one which I think was your first ever television appearance, aired 31st October 1956 “The Banjo Player” about 3 months before I was born and you are about 19. You only have two short lines but this episodes highlights the great gift you have and how naturally talented you are. The scene where Ozzie & Mr Bodkin walk down the stairs playing Mandy, you turn round with your saxophone and the group make their way to the bottom of the stairs. While you and the group are listening, your facial expressions, body language and interaction with other cast members is phenomenal and then that comical line “Sound like an old time minstrel show” Also your performance in the group at the sorority dance is sheer class.
    Lancer will always be my favorite but I must admit you are brilliant in all genres that I have seen so far especially comedy; your acting technique is so natural it’s just magic to watch.
    Take care and God Bless

  316. Glad to see this site, and hope you are doing well. Wish you were still acting more, Arms and legs do not make the actor…your talent does. Be well and stay well.

  317. You have touched my life in such a wonderful way. You are an amazing actor: bringing to life characters that will live forever. So glad to come across this site because I always wanted to tell you how much joy you have brought to me. Love your smile!

  318. Great to hear you are still intending to go to McKinny….I also hope you are attending the Hollywood show since I missed the opportunity to go last year …finding out to late that you were there…Living in Scotland I have to know these kinds of things in advance…Anyway it would be nice to see you there as well…count me in…if you go…yeehaw 🙂

  319. James Stacy. I first saw you in Lancer but not until much later did I also realise that I saw you in Vengeance and Yankton and The Widow and the Rogue. However being a child and not having the benefit of video back then I didn’t make the connection. Years later I got dvd’s of you in these episodes since I recorded them when they were shown and I distinctly remember the parts…and thought wow that was Johnny Madrid Lancer? LOL….Anyway I just wanted to say I did not miss a single episode of Lancer…and would wait with bated breath for the next weeks episode…I wanted them to go on forever but alas one week they were gone. I was gutted….sigh…Anyway wanted to tell you I never forgot you or your performances…and have enjoyed everything you ever did. Stay healthy and strong and happy…Kindest regards Heather from Scotland.

  320. We are so happy to see you are still planning on going to McKinney. We are planning a holiday to the US from Scotland…yes Scotland …you read right and were wondering if you will also be appearing at the Hollywood Show in October? I do hope so. We didn’t hear about your appearance last year untill it was far to late for us to attend. Otherwise we would’ve attended that as well. We were very sorry we missed the opportunity…sigh…Anyway can I respectfully ask will you be at the Hollywood gathering this year again? I sure do hope so, because if you go then so will we….. All the best at McKinny with your lovely Antigoni …

  321. Your smile in the photo of you on your birthday was wonderful to see, James. I’ve been a fan of yours at least since Lancer. I carried your picture in my wallet for years. I saw you in a movie recently from sometime in the early 60s, I believe. I missed most of the movie, but when I saw you, it made my day. Many Blessings For Your Future! Know that your fans adore you!

  322. My late husband Joe Imperial grew up in Burbank,Ca. and use to talk about you and how you were friends. He always had such nice things to say. hope all is well with you. 🙂

  323. Hi Jim and Antigoni, Looking forward to seeing you in McKinney.
    Love Katie

  324. James Stacy one of my favorite. actor when I was in high school every Tuesday night I was parked in front of the tv to watch Lancer

  325. I became aware of you when you performed on Lancer and was saddened at the time of your accident. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. Upon reading your biography I learned that your accident was on September 27. My 25-year old son had a motorcycle accident on September 27, 2013 and lost his left arm, suffered severe damage to his left leg and suffered several other life threatening issues from the accident. As with you, he has not given up on a normal life. He says this is his new normal. I commend you for all the work you have done with amputees and those suffering spinal injuries. As with my son, there’s a reason you survived your accident. God had a plan for you….just as he has one for my son. God wasn’t finished with you yet. I so hope my son finds what God’s plan is for him too. May God continue to shower you with his blessings.

  326. you were my sisters and my first crush,loved lancer! hope all is well and god bless! love kay !

  327. As my Mom would say, crap and apple butter, I lost what I had written to you prior to hitting send. Gotta start over. Okay, going to try and remember what I wrote. I have been a major admirer of all things Western and of Cowboys and have been an avid viewer of TV Westerns and on the Big Screen, as a wee child and now as an adult in her late 50s. Being the youngest daughter in a household of 7 people, I have always had to fight for the right to watch them (my family dreaded my Scott Irish temper, wink), except when it came to two Westerns, Lancer and Gunsmoke, my family all agreed happily to sit down and watch them. Westerns have sustained me over the years and have brought me great joy and entertainment. Now more than ever, I need them, with being disabled and unable to work for the past 3+ years, being in constant pain 24/7 and not a candidate for surgery to relieve the pain, and the constant worry and stress of not having an income, while I continue to fight SSDI for my money and having to give up my love of showing my dogs and horseback riding (my first love), you can see how important they are for me. They help me forget or ease the pain and worry even if just for a short time while I watch them. When I get really down I do two things, pray to God and turn to you and my other Western Heroes of TV Screen and Motion Pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up completely, I try to earn a small income with my designs of my handmade items and sell them online, sometimes the income is good, other times pretty much dries up like a watering hole in the desert, LOL (if I didn’t laugh, I would cry). But I am going to keep on fighting, because of my faith in God and people like yourself, who have inspired people like myself to not give up, but to keep fighting the battle in order to win the war. For that and much more, I thank you and my other Western Heroes. May God Bless you, keep you safe, happy and healthy.

  328. Wow you look terrific!!! So glad to see you smiling, healthy and happy. You have always been one of my favorite actors. Keep Smiling.

  329. My favorite role was Johnny Lancer I just like James Stacy in anything but. JOHNNY LANCER IS NUMBER ONE

  330. I watch Laner when it aired in 68 I was in highschool loved it than loving it favorite. is the Johnny and Scott storylines .like. Scott love Johnny and anything. JamedStacy played in

  331. You’re doing a wonderful job of showing how someone can have a terrible tragedy and later to rise above it. All the Best!

  332. Hi Jim,
    Hope you’re having some relief from your knee pain. You have been in my thoughts and prayers for recovery of your knee and a successful treatment for it. Hang in there and take time to regain your strength. I’m sending positive thoughts and good wishes your way.

    Take Care,

    Laurie Black

  333. I was 10 years old when Lancer premiered and I loved it so much. I would get very upset if we were not at home when it was time for the show to air. I still LOVE James Stacy and Johnny Madrid and am so happy to find this website.

  334. I started out reading about another actor and it lead me to Mr. Staceys Wiki page. Although I didn’t recognize the name I recognized his face from many shows immediately.
    I recently went through something that was traumatic and have been feeling sorry for myself. After reading what Mr. Stacey went through with his accident it put what I am going through in better perspective. I wish him the best and wanted him to know that he helped someone today that he has never even met. Thank You. Best Wishes,

  335. Dear James,
    I was looking forward to seeing you in Kanab, Utah. But now I want to wish you a speedy recovery from your knee pain. I also want to say how much i enjoy the wonderful work you’ve done…thanks to YouTube and the Lancer sites, I can enjoy it whenever I wish. You have done some remarkable performances…on Lancer, Gunsmoke, Cagney and Lacy, Highway to Heaven, and many, many more. Thank you for the wonderful resume of work throughout your career. I may miss seeing you in Kanab, but I can continue to see your work on the internet. Perhaps some day I will have another opportunity to meet you. My very best wishes to you..and Tig!
    Thank you!

  336. Love the hat sir….Nice choice. It suits you very much. Hope you are well. I am very much looking forward to seeing you at the conventions this year….Till then take care. Heather

  337. It is way too late to wish you well on your birhday….I just found this website. I am what is called a “newbie” in the Lancer world. But in the above picture…the gold bracelet you are wearing… is so similar to one you wore in some of the Lancer episodes..Is it the same one?…I am enjoying all the episodes after discovering them again. I will be in Kanab in Aug, 2014…..and hope to see you there. I am looking forward to attending my first event.

  338. JAMES, glad to see u r doing well for ur self and others. U r still good LOOKING! I first fell n love with u on “Lancer”

  339. As a kid growing up in kentucky james stacy was my hero i would stay up late watching gunsmoke i would like some day to meet him what a great actor Don Staples from kentucky

  340. I only just discovered this website and am pleased I have. I can only hope it’s truly you and not just a fan who updates and maintains it.
    I hope you are happy and that life is treating you well. In thanks for bringing the characters you portrayed to life I wish things had been different for you but unfortunately they weren’t but I hope you are at least living a peaceful and happy life and know that you have fans out there who still love you. xx

  341. A girlfriend asked me tonight, “Who was your first crush ? ” 🙂

  342. Dear Jim,
    It is so wonderful to see you so happy! I love your new website. Many years ago, I wrote
    2 scripts for you. In my college years, it was a highlight for myself and the girls in my dorm to gather around the TV and watch you on Lancer. Of course we had to fight over
    the best seats, and weren’t too ladylike about it. Even better, it was such a pleasure to
    see you grow as an actor and just amaze me continually as the depth of your performances grew. You are my muse and my inspiration.

  343. Hi, Mary — We have no objection to sharing the picture of Little Johnny for some discrete use. But as with all the original images on this site, the pictures are copyrighted.

  344. Thank you for sharing this! This is exactly how I’ve pictured Johnny in the Brat Pack series (okay,maybe a little taller and with teeth). I agree these stories are priceless! They always make me smile and often laugh til I cry. When life gets too serious, I can always revisit Johnny and Squat to get myself back on track. Thank you Caroline for sharing this adorable doll. Thank you Southernfrau for your stories and humor ( I wish I could have met you). And, Thank you Jim for inspiring it all! (any chance of sharing the original picture?)

  345. I have loved you since I was 11 and never stopped. It’s a joy to have found you again and know that you are well and happy.

  346. James, I remember thinking you have the most captivating eyes and smile Ive ever seen…when I first saw you on re-runs of Gunsmoke. That was when I was in my early 30s about 8 years ago. I got your name from the closing credits, looked you up on the internet and read about you. God bless you! You’ve endured so much from your accident and you’ve been such an amazing hero through it all. You stayed strong and kept going no matter what. I want you to know that me & my whole family are fans and we keep a prayer in our hearts for you. I hope someday that I will be able to locate a DVD box set of Lancer. My Mom & Dad told me all about the series & I would love to watch it. After reading about all you have done in your life & career, I know that many have gained strength to get through challenges they may face, just by knowing how you have made it through with the challenges you have been faced with. You are very brave and you still have that twinkle in your eyes that made me first captivated with your eyes and smile. I pray you are happy everyday. God bless you & your loved ones.

  347. I’ll be at both events with bells on…lol…John and I are looking forward very much to meeting you sir and of course your lovely lady. Take care of yourself till then….Love Heather

  348. One of the best westerns of the day. Lancer. The combination of James Stacy, Wayne Maunder and Andrew Duggan was fantastic. Wayne and James displayed great acting skills and despite their physical differences (which was explained by the show) they were very believable as brothers. Andrew Duggan played a great father to the boys. All this and much more, made this tv western show the best there ever was, in my humble opinion.

  349. Ok my absolute all time favourite role for him was Johnny Madrid Lancer but, like kit, I haven’t seen him in a role that I haven’t liked. ‘Just a little Inconvenience’ was inspirational to say the least. I also loved ‘Dark side of Love’ with Mickey Rooney who sadly passed recently. In my humble opinion he was born to act but I particularly loved him in westerns. However that said he’s a natural on that screen and a pleasure to watch in any role he undertook. I enjoyed him in Gunsmoke’s ‘Vengeance’ , ‘Yankton’ and of course ‘The Widow and the Rogue’…I think the Rogue particularly suited him and he played off of Festus so perfectly….fantastic work. I know he did another role when he was younger but I have never seen that one and so cant comment but I am sure he was good in that one too since he was good in every part he ever played. Anyway I guess what I am saying is you were perfect in every role and you have given me such pleasure over the years …I just want to say thank you sir for that….God bless and keep you…love Heather

  350. Thanks kit for setting up this website with your nephew…I am so very happy to be able to connect with my favourite actor of all time…James Stacy. So with this said God Bless you sir and ‘lang may your lummy reek….!’ That’s Scottish by the way for ‘live long and proper’ ………lol….lots of love always …Heather

  351. Ok I finally was able to log in….sigh…Happy belated birthday. I did send you a card which I am praying you got….anyway ….hope to see you in Kenab and McKinny…I plan on going to both….keep safe… love Heather (Scotland)

  352. I loved this episode but hate that he gets killed at the end!! I felt for his character. I mean he had spent a lifetime being put down and saw an opportunity to be at last rich; important; to mean something in this world. He may not have done the right thing but he didn’t deserve to die for one misstep….and in the end he was protecting the family when he got shot….Anyway apart from that though, I enjoyed the episode and his performance very much.

  353. I have been a fan for over forty five years now and that will never change. I enjoyed your work in everything you did but especially loved Lancer. I loved all your characters in Gunsmoke but especially enjoyed The Widow and the Rogue.. That part if you don’t mind me saying so, seemed to suit you very much….LOL…Anyway I am pleased to see this website up and running because it gives folks like me a chance to say …thanks sir for all the fun….God bless and keep you and yours…always. Love Heather

  354. Hope your year so far finds you happy and well,never got on anyone’s website before. So happy I found yours. Lancer was tops for me and my two brothers, both are gone now and I’m 60 and I hid my crush not only from them but my then husband! Married young. Looking forward to watching on line again. Take care of yourself. From an admiring fan. Rita

  355. Dear James,

    I always recognize you when I watch the old TV shows. I grew up with a tremendous crush on you, as well. I also remember you on TV after your accident. I have a daughter who lost her leg in a family car accident and is trying to make her way in Los Angeles as a costume designer. She picked California because of the business, and accessibility. She is having a rough go, as are many disabled people trying to get in the business. I was wondering if you had any suggestions, or if you were involved with advocacy activities that might help this group? Just tossing it out there. They could use someone like you to help push the buttons, or open some doors. My daughter is talented, as are many of her friends. She has a MFA in costume design from Carnegie Mellon. Would love to hear from you. Thanks

  356. Remember watching Jim on lancer, had such a crush ,after all these years looked up this website. Still handsome as ever. So jealous of Kim Darby back then.

  357. I have loved you as a young girl and now a grown girl. Best wishes to you and may God bless you always.

  358. I loved “The Monroes” and was able to watch this episode last year…thanks to a website that had a lot of James’ TV appearances available to watch – I was able to see many wonderful performances that I never would have had access to and missed out on as a kid in the late 60’s. Sadly that website is no longer available but I’m sure it reached a lot of people like me who were able to enjoy these film moments that are timeless.

    I’m sure Tammy has some wonderful memories of working on the show and interacting with James – my favorite scenes are always the one’s he did with children of all ages. He has a gift with kids and I’m sure all of the young people who were fortunate enough to work with him have some fond memories. As a kid I know I would have wanted to be able to ride the range with Johnny Lancer and be able to meet all of the people on the Lancer ranch – what fun that would have been! Thanks Tammy for sharing this priceless memory with all of us and thanks James for touching so many lives in a positive way.

    Take Care,


  359. Such a sweet message! James did a fine job in this episode of “The Monroes!”

  360. Aw, that was so cute and really nice of Jim to sign her book. Love the picture of Jim with the cow or ox.

    Deb Busse

  361. I’m glad that you have this website so that we can keep up with you! I also joined your Facebook fan page. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Spirit of the Cowboy festival in September in McKinney, TX!!!

  362. Dear Jim
    Today, We had a chance to talk to Tammy Locke who played Amy Monroe in the “The Monroes: Season 1, Episode 3 Ride with Terror” aired (21 Sep. 1966) She was so cute as a six year old child star and has grown into a beautiful women. We loved this episode of the Monroes your performance was spot on a usual as Perry Hutchins.

  363. Hi, Vicki

    Jim loves hearing from his fans; and I know he would be delighted to know you remember your meeting. It’s also great knowing you cherish that picture of you and your sister and have kept it all these years. Would you like to share? 🙂

  364. Just found this website and was thrilled. I loved watching Lancer! Met you on a beach in Kaui, Hawaii. My little sister and I got to have our picture taken with you and you signed it. And I still have it – one of my cherished things to have. I taped many of the shows you did guest spots and just yesterday transferred them to DVD so I can watch them better. I only have 3 episodes of Lancer though – would love to get more if there is a way to get them. Anyway glad to see you are still around and enjoying life. Best wishes.

  365. Just found your site and so happy i did.Hope you have many more Happy Birthdays in your future.You’re still looking good.Keep up the good work.

  366. So glad you are thriving and doing well.One of my favorite Gunsmoke episodes is the one of you playing Yankton.I thought the fight scene between you and Jim Davis was so realistic,I also liked you on the Donna Reed show as well.From your pictures here,you are still a very handsome man.Keep on prospering and taking care of yourself.Love,one of your biggest fans,Wanda.

  367. Hi Jim,I have always liked your looks and your acting. I hope everything is well with you.From your picture i can see you really held up good, considering all you have been through.Just keep up the good work.

  368. As a NYC resident who grew up escaping into the world of westerns, I must say that I have yet to see a cooler personification of the screen variety “cowboy” than the one you presented as Joe Bravo on the Cimarron Strip episode, ‘The Judgement.’ Thanks for the memories and best of health to you.

  369. Hi James,
    Love the new website! Have been a fan since Lancet. So pleased you are doing well. Sending love and best wishes from the UK.

  370. You’ve been on my mind for years, but I never had the nerve to write. So, I guess I’d just better “get her said.” Like many of your fans, I have followed you from the Ozzie and Harriet days throughout your career. Lancer was always my favorite and I felt it should’ve had a four year run. You were born to play JML.
    I’ve worked in a busy emergency room for 30 years now. (No, I’m not a nurse) Each time, we’d get a motorcycle accident in, I always thought of you and sent you a prayer that you were ok and well. Being an insider to these kinds of accidents, I can only still imagine what you went through.
    If you ever need some inspiration look up Travis Mills from Vassar, MI on the internet. He’s a 4 limb amputee who came in contact with an IED during his 3rd tour of duty in Afghanistan during 2012. He’s been on the news several times as they followed his progress. His spirit is phenomenal! He’s fully healed now and a motivational speaker. He was at our hospital, speaking about the warning signs of stroke / CVA’S last week, which is probably why I’m finally writing this letter.
    Thank you, Jim for entertaining us all these years. The roles you played were fantastic! I miss seeing you on the big screen, but there’s always DVD’s. Thanks for being a survivor! Take care of yourself, my favorite actor and God Bless you always!
    P.S. As you can see by my email address, I’m a Nascar fan. Tony Stewart is Johnny Madrid all over again.

  371. I seen a post on Facebook with others speaking of you.
    Just wanted to tell you thank you for tv memories, I’m still hooked on westerns..

    You still have that smile that melts hearts 🙂

  372. Hello James, I first became a HUGE fan of yours with the Lancer series. It was the BEST TV Western of all time! You have always been my favorite actor and you were outstanding in any character role and all performances. I still have my original LANCER CAST poster from 1968 ( framed) and hanging in my TV room to this day. I hope to meet you some day and wondered if you have any appearances or autograph signings in California near the end of May 2014. I Love your new website! Thank you for sharing with your fans! I hope to hear from you and Take Care and Best Wishes —— Jeanne ———

  373. Always enjoyed your career James, hope your doing well. I hope the Lord has restored ane healed everything in your life. Be blessed.

  374. Hi James I love all your acting Lancer and Gunsmoke I love episode you were with Kim Darby you are a true legend your acting is aawesome you are a actor may you have many blessings

  375. so glad i found this site! and cant wait to meet ya in sept!:) yay!:) -Heather

  376. Always loved and admired you. Have your photo in my wallet from a lancer episode. I wish you well always x

  377. 04/23/14

    Hey Jim,
    Nice looking website. You look good my friend for all you have been through. So many of our friends and people we worked with are gone. I live in Palm Desert now. Haven’t seen Fuller in a while. Are you still up in Ventura? Get up to Santa Barbara once in awhile myself. Love to see you sometime. All my best, Budd Albright Check out my website:

  378. I remember watching you as a chorus boy in South Pacific, and on the Donna Reed Show and moving forward from there all the way to finding your web page today. I am glad all the darkness is behind you and you seem to have found the light. And while all the other friends tell you how wonderful you are, I wanted to tell you that I fell in love with your voice. Always that velvet voice.

  379. Happy Belated, Belated Birthday. I just found this site today. Have been fan for many many years, wonderedhow you were, never thought of checking the internet. Duh!! You look as handsome as ever. Sending good thoughts and wishes your way. God Bless. 🙂

  380. I was in my secondary school in Bangkok, Thailand, about 11or 12 years old may be, when I first watched Lancer. I had a massive crush on you at the time, as so many young girls the world over, I’m sure. Funny, how I thought of you often as if I really knew you and when I heard of your accident I felt so terribly sad. Being so far away in Thailand, I did not get to hear much about you at all and I always wondered how you’re getting on with your life. Then I came over to live in London, then the Middle East, then back to London again. After more than 40 years, I discovered youtube and one day I thought I tried searching for you and wham! I have found that all Lancer episodes are on and so many more of your other works as well. I am so glad that I have found you again and that you are so well and happy. Love you always.

  381. When I was a child growing up on a small island in Georgia, my best friend and I used to watch Lancer. We loved you and Wayne Maunder. We vowed to marry the two you and live next door to each other. Of course that didn’t happen. I look back at those times with memories. I was heartbroken for you when you were in the accident. I can’t tell you what a difference you made in people’s lives. There is no telling how many lives you saved by doing the public service announcements. They are forever etched in my mind..

  382. I always loved to watch you on whichever show you were on. I especially loved Lancer. You were the first man I lost my heart to. I will always have a special place for you in my heart (just don’t tell my husband, ha).

  383. Hello there, James.

    My parents used to visit your folks when they were living in Burbank. The last time I remember seeing you was in 1976. Happy to see that you are doing so well. My best to you and yours.

  384. Hey James
    The first time I saw you was in 1963 in an episode of “Hazel”. I was 15 years old and lost my heart to you. Over the years I followed your career and was never disappointed. When Lancer came on, I like millions of others were glued to the TV every week. I hope you and yours have a wonderful year and you will always be in my prayers.

  385. .james yes i liked you in lancer. i liked you in most everything you were in. i cant beleive i put off getting a computer this long 6 months since ive had it. can not beleive that your fans can actually communicate like this with you. i just got done watching swinging summer with you raquel welch and gary lewis and the playboys and .righteous bros. i like that stuff 1965 was a good year i was 10 and that time for tv and movies are long gone keep in touch jim . take care james.

  386. happy belated birthday james you do look great very good photo

  387. dear james im 58 i remember lancer and i remember hearing about your accident when i was in highschool i just bought my first computer 6 months ago never realized how you can get in touch really amazing i eeeeeven remember you were married to connie stevens i was just a kid and i remember that it sounds like you are doing fine james thanks for the website ill keep in touch take care james sincerely todd

  388. Hello Dear James.
    I will say that never have I ever met an more remarkable man then you. Which many knows of my devotion to you as an fan has been strong for over 40 years. Meeting you for the first tine in 2010 had been an dream come true , one I will cherish forever. Your smile is as brighter as the first day I have seen you on TV, and your spirit still sores today through that smile. You are one of an kind, no other actor today can match what you had shown us in everything you did. Memories we will treasure as we continue to watch you through DVD and TV. Lets just say we love you then and we love you now. God Bless you always and *Let her Buck*
    Your devoted fan….Marilyn

  389. Hi James,

    Hope you’re having a good week – we’re just beginning to see spring here in the east and I miss the California weather more each winter. Speaking of ad libs…what about the time Johnny slid down the bannister in Lancer’s ” Yesterday’s Vengeance”…that always makes me smile. I love the episodes where Scott & Johnny traveled together as well as the scenes with Jelly and the rest of the family.

    Thanks for all of those screen moments that people still remember and enjoy to this day. You’re the best.

    Take Care,

    Laurie Black

  390. Loved Lancer, especially to see James in his own weekly series. Such excellent acting as always. I was raised on westerns and love them to this day. Lancer with James , was something I looked forward to each week and was thrilled to rediscover in the last few years. So glad to see the website , wonderfully done

  391. Hello from the UK. I recently watched an episode of Cagney and Lacey called ‘the Gimp’, which you appeared in all those years ago as a handicapped gentleman. I have to say I think it was one of the best episodes ever of this tv show, and a really human story. You portrayed the character with both humour and dignity. Best wishes Pauline

  392. Monsieur James STACY, je vous ai vu pour la première fois dans la série RANCH L ou LANCER, j’avais 9 ans. Je suis restée une de vos grandes fans et j’ai rassemblé tous les articles ou photos que je pouvais trouver vous concernant. La série LANCER était géniale et les comédiens fabuleux. Dommage que cette série ne sorte pas en DVD et en Français!

  393. Hallo James,
    Where has the time gone? I can remember Johnny Lancer at the beginning of the seventies, when I was a boy in the age of sixteen or seventeen years.
    My English is not very good, but I will do my best.
    We all loved the Lancer episodes. Sunday afternoon and Johnny Lancer and the day was
    saved. I wish you all the best from South Germany.

  394. Am travelling over from the UK to McKinney in September. Can’t wait. Am counting the days 🙂 Loved watching you in Lancer all those years ago and hope I’ll have the privilege of meeting you in McKinney. My very best wishes to you. Take Care.

  395. Hey Jim Stacy,
    Thanks for the memories. You were such a part of my childhood. I think you are an amazing actor, very talented. I am curious about how much they let you ad lib on Lancer cuz there are certain things that you do in certain scenes that I just bet were not in the script and you came up with them. Just curious! Its a sign of a great actor. Hope you are having a great 2014.

  396. You look great. Missed your birthday. I am such a fan of your work. Wishing you many blessings! You deserve it.

  397. I feel like I’m 15 again as I rediscover your handsome face and talented acting! That should read the other way around but, hey, allow me to be shallow just this once! I was devastated when you had the accident, but I am so happy that you came thru it (even though I know you went through some rough years). You are still one good looking cowboy and I wish you and yours all the best. Thank you for keeping me happy during my adolecence and I look forward to all your updates!

  398. I have never wrote to a TV celebrity but I thought I would take a moment to say that I’m first a fan from way way back and I have enjoyed your body of work. But what I think of even more is how you survived that devastating accident. I’m a biker myself and have lost friends over the years and I’m so glad to see how you have given emotional help to others. I’m sure your support to the ones you see and talk with means the world to them so WTG James.

  399. I just watched Highway to Heaven “The Hero” It made me cry. I am a disabled veteran. The VA just discovered that I had cancer and surgery is scheduled next month. My son is deployed and going through the “red tape” to get home to help me. I sent him a link to a Lancer episode this morning. You are an amazing actor in all the genre’s I have watched so far. I hope they make Lancer available on DVD so I can sit with my “future” grandchildren and watch. I am going to try to take strength in the courage you have shown in your life.

  400. The four most handsome men in the world, Elvis, Rick Nelson, Fabian and James Stacy.
    When our cable tv goes off I always get out my all time favorite Gunsmoke episode, Yankton, starring James Stacy. After watching it three times in a row, skipping through the commercials. I decided I better try and find a DVD version. I was so happy to find a web sight for you and to see all the pictures. It has made my day!

  401. Try again. Thank you to Kit (and nephew) for reviving this site it has been missed. Thank you James for being who you are and for bringing joy to not only me but to your thousands of fans worldwide. Your acting is beyond compare and it is wonderful to have this opportunity to “speak” to you. We mainly hark back to Lancer and Johnny Madrid Lancer because for we Brits we were limited in the shows in which you appeared. I once said that you are flawless, you are. There isn’t a fault. Please take care. My thoughts are with you.


  403. Love your web site and pictures and love your hat it makes me think of when you were on lancer my prayers are with you each day.

  404. I watched every one of lancers shows I wish I could see it now on tv I see it on you tube though I enjoy it very much and I have saw you on a lot more shows have a wonderful day and god bless.

  405. you have always been my favorite actor god bless you each day

  406. Hoping to meet ya if I go to McKinney. 🙂

  407. I so love watching Lancer online. I had a crush on you when it first aired (I was 9). I still do! Your voice is super sexy and your smile is dreamy. You are still very handsome. I am going to try to watch all your shows and movies. Take care…

  408. Hi Jim, I have enjoyed u all these years. Thanks fot all the cowboy movies u starred in. Hope to her from you. Tke care Jim

  409. Hello Mr. Stacy, I hope all is happy and well with you.

  410. Your professional life, as shown by your work as an actor, is amazing and loved by anyone who has bothered to follow your career. Its the “guts” you have shown in your private life that I admire. You have spent, I’m sure, a great deal of time trying to figure out “why me”. Which is only fair, after all, you were dealt quite a blow. Yet, you have emerged a stronger, happier YOU. Which I believe to be your greatest talent and accomplishment. My thoughts and prayers go with you.

  411. A very belated happy birthday, James. No matter how old you are, I can always see “Johnny Lancer” in your eyes and in your smile. You are and were one of my favorite actors and, after Cary Grant, you were my first real “crush”, LOL.
    I hope the beginning of 2014 has been a good one for you, Tig and Ruby.
    A fan forever,

  412. Hi James and Tig,

    I hope 2014 finds you happy and healthy. We’ve had a terribly cold and very snowy winter here in the East. I keep hoping that Spring is on the way and then it snows again. We’ve had 40 inches in the DC area, which is a lot for us!

    It’s funny but, even after all these years, I still have such vivid memories of watching Lancer on tv in our family room. I was secretly in love with Johnny Madrid. I say “secretly” because if my older brother had known, he would have teased me unmercifully.
    I even recall looking at my older counsin’s gossip magazines and seeing this very handsome guy in photos with Connie Stevens. I asked my cousin who he was and she told me “James Stacy”. That was my first introduction to you, James, but one I never forgot. And then, when Lancer aired, I was in 7th heaven. I no longer had to rely on magazine photos – I could see and hear James come alive!!!
    I wish you many more years of happiness, James and Tig. And please give Ruby a hug for me. I have 2 dogs of my own and have always been a dog lover.

  413. Happy late birthday, Jame…I didn’t know about this site on your b/d, but I always think of you on Dec. 23 of every year…good to see you looking and doin so good…Julie….

  414. Hi, James….I first became a huge fan of you when you were on the Ozzie and Harriet Show…and then on in to Lancer…I have several of your movies and some tv shows taped of you…Gunsmoke..Combat, I think it was..lot of stuff taped of you….So glad to find this site up and recent..i just found it tonite (3-6-14)….keep up the good work, take care, and God Bless You…Luv ya, Julie…

  415. Hi, James…This is Julie..We used to be pen pals for a few years back in the 90’s…then I lost contact with you..loved writing to you and receiving your cards and letters..i still have them..of…it broke my heart when I lost contact with you…hope you are doin’ seem to be…Take care of yourself and God Bless…would love to hear from you again…love this pic…love all of them…I have a funny story to tell right quick..i went thru all my old old movie books and cut out everything I could find on and articles..and made me a huge photo album of you…I LOVE IT!!…bye for now..Julie

  416. Hi James and Antigani, I met you two 2 or 3 years ago when you had a table at the Hollywood Collectors Show and enjoyed so much your insight about “Lancer.” I am trying to locate contact info for Elizabeth Baur to invite her to the Autry’s March 19, 12 noon panel/luncheon celebrating “Women of the West.” Thanks if you’ll respond.

  417. I sent a letter when you were in hospital and got a reply. You obviously thought a lot of your fans. I have never forgotten this and just want to say that I used to watch you in Lancer and had a schoolgirl crush on you as you were so handsome. I often wonder how you are doing and often google you to see how you are even after all these years. Best wishes to you Jim Stacey.

  418. Just found the Lancer series one and two on the Internet. Have spent the last week watching and remembering what a great show it was. Thoroughly enjoyed the memories. Loved the entire cast especially you James ah memories!!!

  419. Loving the new website…WTG Kit and Kevin. A very special thank you to Antigoni for always posting new pictures, etc. for us to enjoy. You have left a very special mark in my life with Lancer. My friend and I used to “play” Lancer when we were kids, it was great fun!

  420. I am very happy to read about you and follow your activities, photos , and news !!! I have never forgotten the wonderful serie Lancer and since that moment it is hard to find something so good like that serie. So, as you can see, I am a fan of Lancer, for ever ! , and from a very far country like Argentina. You and your ” brother ” had printed a nice part of tv western story !. Thanks JM !

  421. Dear James ! Many greetings from Germany ! It is very nice to hear something about you . Lancer was our favorit Western and you are a very amacing Actor ! We wish you the best for the next Years ! Good Luck

  422. You’re a great actor, Jim, with tons of charisma. I just saw you on “Gunsmoke.” When you’re on the screen, you command the viewers’ attention.. You take care of yourself!

  423. Hi Jim,
    My name is Chris Rosato, and I have been a fan of yours since the pre-“Lancer” days. I always thought you were a very fine actor and, more important, you had that extra swagger, a charisma that very few actors ever possessed. BTW, my whole family have been fans of yours and my sisters had huge crushes on you! I am glad to see you are doing well. Happy belated birthday and take care!

  424. Maurice, I loved you in Lancer, my favorite show. I always loved westerns. I saw the movie you made about the man who learned to ski after amputations and was both amazed by your skill as a skier and the human face you put on the effort and determination it takes to play the cards you are dealt.

    I saw a rerun of Gunsmoke the other day, and was reminded of my first cowboy crush. I am 60, have one old horse with stiff legs, a great husband and son, but, you will always have a fond spot in my memory.

  425. I hope this finds you well. I have always been a fan. I was happy to find this site and see you still have that warm smile. God be with you.

  426. Edna – you couldn’t have said it any better. You just put into words what so many of us out there feel.
    Jim – take her comment and multiply it by several hundred, and you will know where a whole lot of us are at. Best wishes to you for love, health, and fulfillment.

  427. Hi, Jim: I’m actually going to try to make it all the way to Texas in September. My daughter’s fiancée, who is in the Air National Guard, will be at a base for specialized training there, so we’re going to get all the birds with one stone (so to speak). Are there any similar conventions on the west coast, and, would you possibly be there? Let us know. Another thing – there are so many of us out there who would love to have the Lancer series on DVD. Do you know why 20th Century Fox has not released it yet? There is a huge market for the Lancer series, even world-wide, from what I’ve read. Any ideas about this? Please let us know. I hope you and Tig had a very happy Valentine’s Day. My best to you and all your family.

  428. Good to see you after all these years still alive and kicking. I’ve been a lifelong fan and though I lost track of you, I wondered from time to time whatever happened to you. I thoroughly enjoyed your work. Love your web pages. Having been a website designer from the time the Internet started until my retirement in 2007, I know what it takes to make such a beautiful and useful site. Thank you to your website creators and maintainers. Their work is also appreciated.

  429. I first saw you some 41 years ago in Lancer when it was televised in Northern Ireland/UK. You were then and still are my favourite actor of all times. Glad you have a web page up and running, it is an honour to add my name to it. Take care and God Bless

  430. You will alway’s be my favorite actor no matter what….Just saw you on retro tv on Marcus Welby MD. As alway’s you were FANTASTIC!

  431. I have enjoy your acting through the years on lancer and on gunsmoke,Vengeance part 1 and 2,and the widow and the rogue,I’m glad to see you doing good and I hope life is good to you.

  432. When I rediscovered Lancer in the mid-2000, I was wondering if I would love it as much as I did in the early 70s. When I got to watch some of the episodes, I fell in love again with Johnny Madrid Lancer – the magic was still operating and that, in itself, is simply wonderful. I’ve seen reruns of other shows but never got the reaction I got when I watched Lancer again. In a way, I think I love Lancer even more now because I’m able to watch in English as opposed to French and understand more how well Wayne and James played off each other and I’m better able to appreciate their acting skills than when I was a teenager. Thanks for being close to your fans, James. You are as charismatic as you were back in the 70s.

  433. Hello James, Antigoni and Little Ruby.

    I’m happy to see this site up and running again. I’ve been one of your fans ever since I saw Lancer back in the early 70’s – it was called “Le Ranch L” in French. I remember watching the show every week and refusing to go outside to play with my friends. They thought I was crazy! LOL

    I’m glad to see how happy you are with Tig and Little Ruby. And I want to take this opportunity to thank Tig for sharing all those wonderful photos with us, your fans.

    Take care,


  434. Thank you for helping a horse crazy 13 yr old get through some rough times [move, new school, new friends] with Lancer and thank you for keeping up with fans now. Not many come into our lives when we are kids and stay in our hearts forever. You are one of the few for me. Nice website too!

  435. Hi Jim – would love to see you in Kanab this year – I enjoy all your roles – my favourites of course would have to be Johnny Lancer and a close 2nd JJ. Watched Heat of Anger last night – brilliant – you worked well with Susan Hayward. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Since Kanab last year I have managed to buy all your movies which are available on DVD.
    Look forward to seeing you again.

  436. Ola
    Sou brasileira, assisti a todos os episodios de Lancer. Qdo fiquei sabendo do acidente, achei que voce não atuaria mais, mas, para a minha alegria, voce voltou e provou ser um grande homem. Qdo vi sua atuação depois do acidente, fiquei impressionada. Vou te contar um segredo, não consigo me equilibrar nem andar de bicicleta, meu amigo, voce pode servir de exemplo para muitos que ja desistiram de viver.
    Agradeço a Deus por voce estar bem, e concordo com o comentario da Pamela.

    Hello –

    I am Brazilian. I watched all the episodes of Lancer. I knew about the accident and feared you would not act anymore, but to my joy you came back and proved to be a great man. I was very impressed with your performances after the accident and it made a great impression.

    I will share a secret with you. I cannot maintain balance to walk or bicycle; but you, my friend, have been an example to me and to others who have given up. I thank God and pray for you to be well. Pamela.

  437. Tanina Anderson put it perfectly….no one brought more personality or character to a roll like James Stacy did to the roll of Johhny Madrid Lancer. It was amazing to watch how his expressions and movements just brought JML alive. I have not seen anyone come close to James’ ability in making a roll so special. James, you are truely one of a kind. I am so glad you are enjoying your life and letting fans show you we still appreciate you.

  438. Hello, Jim! So great to find you here. Last night, I was channel-surfing and came across “Winter A-Go-Go”! What a fun movie and it brought back so many memories of my growing-up years and seeing you in all those great movies and t.v. shows! I am Syrian, too, on my mother’s side (Nemer was her last name), and grew up with many Eliases in my hometown of Lowell, Ma. Thank you for all your good work in entertaining so many! Happy New Year! Many blessings to you and yours. May you always be blessed…

  439. Hi Jim,

    So glad to hear you’ll be at Spirit of the Cowboy – is there a possibility that you’ll also be coming to the Memphis Gathering of the Guns in June? You’re the favorite cowboy of a lot of people and it won’t be the same without you. I loved Johnny but when I see you as JJ… I don’t see Johnny and it’s the same with Yankton, Bob Johnson and Bravo…I don’t see any of the other characters in the cowboy that I’m watching. Your wonderful acting skills always convince me that you are the character being played in all of your roles not only the cowboys.


  440. Lancer was one of my favorite shows, I was sorry that it was canceled. Why do they not air reruns of it. I am g;ad to see that you look so good.
    Hope your problems are behind you

  441. I have been in love with Johnny Madrid Lancer since the show first aired, wish Lancer would be released on DVD. Thank you for this site. EJ

  442. James, I grew up loving you and never missing an episode of Lancer. I am hoping it will come back on to our screens again so that I can drown over your fabulous looks.
    I know you have been through the wars in the last several years but I am so glad to see that you are back to being upbeat and positive.
    I still think you are a hunka chunk.
    Keep well and safe
    Sally xxx

  443. Hello James/Johnny,
    I have watched every episode of Lancer, and love each one. I think from the time I started watching this show I wanted to meet you. You are just as handsome today as you were as a young man

  444. When I was a little kid I used to see Lancer. I was one of the most popular series played in Iranian tv due to Mr. James Stacy.

  445. Thanks Kit for this oppotunity to interact with James.
    James, I was 8 when Lancer came in my life, I envied Scott for having a brother like you and made you my protective brother. I had and still have a lot of imagination. Then I went on reruns in french in my teen years I understood that you were older in real life than your caracter of Johnny Lancer. When you had your accident I sent a card wishing you well. I wished that you had somebody to take care and love you, that your family was close to help you cope with the lost. In a job were image and looks is everything your lost seemed to me unbearable, it’s like you had anything left to offer, that you as a person didn’t count. At least that was my perception, in the cruel world of acting, I didn’t see you much after that. On your birthday picture you seem and I hope that you are truly happy. The journey was, let’s say ‘bumpy’…I now wish that the rest of the trip be like floating on llazy river. Best wishes to you and your family, may 2014 a year of love, health and fulfillment.
    PS sorry for the mistakes I am a french canadian. XOX

  446. Hi Jim,
    I also wanted to thank you for many wonderful memories of Lancer. I’ve always carried the warm feelings that you and all the cast members created for me at only 8 years of age. You fueled our imaginations as we created “campfires” along with a stagecoach using the picnic table, benches on top complete with a milk box driver’s seat and a team of bikes for horses. My little blue bike was my trusty horse and we had many happy days outdoors. It’s funny, I always remembered the theme song, all of the characters names, faces and James Stacy but not the actual episodes because there were no reruns. As an adult this past year I was thrilled to watch all of the episodes as if seeing them for the first time – then wished there were more than 52! I, with a lot of others, hope that it will come out on DVD to be enjoyed by many. I’ve also watched many of your other TV appearances and movies and your fine acting and spirit have been missing on the screen. You have been such an inspiration to me and many with your amazing courage and determination so thanks for making this site available so that we can let you know we will always support you. Hope that you, Antigoni and of course Ruby have a wonderful new year. – Take Care. Laurie

  447. Hi Jim,
    I loved this song as a kid and it was fun to hear you sing it. You’ve always had a good voice. I loved it when you sang part of The Chisolm Trail song as Johnny was riding up to the line shack in the Lancer episode Blind Man’s Bluff – “got a 10 dollar horse and a 40 dollar saddle…headin up the trail for to punch Texas cattle…”Hey ho shack I’m comin in!” This is after he tells Scott and Murdoch “well I never did like my fun organized” while he’s sizing up the latest “double action piece”. What a great episode – one of my favorites. It was really interesting the way you played it showing Johnny’s rarely seen vulnerability. It was such a good love story too. She should have stayed with Johnny – just sayin…

  448. I always liked your acting,,no matter what the movie,,i’m an old soldier,,names joe,,thanks for all your movies tv shows ,,reruns,,,god bless joe

  449. Jim, I guess I’m an old, new old fan 5/13/54 from back in the days of GUNSMOKE. I don’t know if I liked you from your looks, your personality or the part? But, just so you know you were one of my favorite actors as a special guest on the Best western of all time of then, now & the future. And them I read about you from then till now. One word.. INCRDIBLE
    Thanx, for your time Jim

  450. Was thrilled to find this interactive website! As I sit here watching an old episode of Gunsmoke, with you in it, I am reminded of Lancer. Even as a young girl I had a good eye for handsome men:) You were a hell of an actor. Happy to note that your present life appears happy and content. Best wishes to you and yours:)

  451. Hi,
    I’m watching an episode of Gunsmoke right now. I often wondered what your name was. Just wanted to tell you that I always thought you were the most handsome man alive 🙂 I’m much older now, but even as an older person, I still think the same. Wishing you much happiness now and in the future.

  452. Just to let you know the above guestbook isn’t working – it won’t let a message be written above the blue Send box. I agree with all of the above and I’m glad to see you’ll be appearing at The Spirit of the Cowboy in September. I know everyone would also love to see you at The Gathering of the Guns Memphis festival in June 2014 -will there be a chance of that happening? Hope so – meanwhile have a good week and remember to update us when you get a chance – it’s so good to see you healthy and happy with your contagious smile – Take care.

  453. I have been a Lancer fan since I was a kid. I saw the reruns and got interested again. Then I was raising a family and got too busy. But now everyone is grown up and I found The Groups and Facebook. I too loved how the brothers played off each other. I’m a fan of Wayne Maunder and James Stacy. After 45 years plus fans are still talking about their acting skills and admiring them. I would say that is pretty amazing.

  454. You have always been one of my favorite actors and I’m glad that you are doing so well. Best wishes for the future.

  455. Happy New Year, Jim:
    The hat looks great – a good choice. I think I know the shop you are talking about, I have been there myself. There is also a good western wear shop on the east side, down from the Red Viking Restaurant. I’ve bought a lot of neat clothes there for myself and my kids over the years. We go every summer to the outdoor theater and there’s another good Danish restaurant right across the street from it. Solvang is such a fun place. It sounds like you had a really great time. That’s fantastic – you deserve it!

  456. Delighted to find this excellent website up and running – and also to see you looking so well and happy. I remember you well from Lancer days and what a very fine actor you are – many thanks!

  457. Lancer was my all time favorite. Even though it had a similar theme to Bonanza and The Big Valley, Lancer was deeper, more complex and realistic, and a much better show. The characters of Johnny and Scott as brothers who came from totally opposite backgrounds, start off barely tolerating each other, and eventually grow to having a genuine affection for each other as brothers, was so well done by James Stacy and Wayne Maunder. The chemistry between the 2 brothers is what made the show so interesting, along with the fact that the storyline was more realistic and controversial than other shows of its day. Lancer is as appealing to audiences today as it was in the 60’s.

  458. Very well said, Tonda. They could never remake Lancer, because there is not an actor alive who could come close to playing Johnny Madrid Lancer with the depth, emotion, and feeling that Jim Stacy brought to this role. What amazes me the most about Jim’s acting ability is that he can speak volumes without ever having said a word. He has the most expressive eyes, subtle gestures, and facial expressions where he just gives a “look”, and you know exactly what he is saying. It is a rare gift and few actors have that ability to really get inside a character and bring them to life. Jim brought this to all of his roles, but I saw it the most in Lancer when Johnny was struggling with his inner conflicts. No one else will ever be able to play Johnny Madrid the way Jim Stacy did.

  459. Hi, Jim:
    I just happened to be “computer surfing” and stumbled onto your website. I am so totally thrilled! Happy (belated) Birthday! So glad you had such a wonderful time on your birthday. I’m a Pismo Beach person, myself, and probably saw those same dolphins when they travelled a little farther north. A very Happy New Year to you and your family as well. Please let all of us western fans know if you will be attending any conventions in the near future, like A Gathering of Guns, or something similar. It’s so good to hear from you. Best wishes for the New Year!!

  460. Loved the show, my favorite actor of all time is James Stacy- he was to me the most handsome man alive. Was a great western to.

  461. Hello,
    I am related to the late actor Richard Boone. I adored him. We all did. He taught acting classes, I believe in Brentwood. I know that Robert Fuller went to them, and I would not be surprised if he dragged you to them. Is this true? I suspect that it is, because you appeared in “Have Gun” in 1962. That would not have happened if he did not think you were a true talent.

  462. Hello…
    My name is Steve McKinney. Was simply on line this morning…and was looking at the Summer Magic movie info…which was a movie I loved and had a crush on Haley Mills at the time….and remember your character. Loved that movie. I read a bit about your life and can relate to a number of matters….and now am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and am extremely happy. A better future ahead indeed.
    Just a note to say hello to you.
    Steve McKinney

  463. Dear Mr. Stacy,
    In 1969, I watched some of the Lancer shows where you brought to life the character of Johnny Lancer. You have stage presence. If the story character, Johnny Madrid Lancer, ever finds his way to the big screen, I shall purchase a ticket.

  464. Been a huge fan of yours since I was a little girl….ok, so it was a huge crush. Glad to see you are doing well, and are still so darn handsome. Great website.

  465. Johnny Madrid Lancer, my all time favorite bad boy. Still Dream about him!!!! But also loved the way he played Gus in Heat of Anger and then Kenny in Just a Little Inconvenience which set me on the rode to becoming and Occupational Therapist, helping others who suffered great losses but still had a life to live. I cant tell Mr. Stacy enough how his life inspired mine to try and do good works. I hope Mr. Jim Stacy actually sees this and understands how his life positively affected mine and in turn helped me to help others. Thank you

  466. There was a post on Facebook saying we were supposed to say who our favorite James Stacy character was…well, hands down, Johnny Madrid Lancer…of course!

  467. Laurence, J’adore votre réponse enthousiaste. Il est donc bon de l’entendre de fans partout dans le monde. Merci.

  468. Oh oui Helmut ! I am waiting too in France for this DVD. But I going to return tomorrow, on the link what I found. Ouaip!
    This is :, (pour la France : Mme. Marie-France BOISSINOT) second : all things Lancer LANCER ON DVD.
    New fans follow me! Laurence.

  469. Wonderful site. I loved Lancer But I would like here found the DVD. I loved too, Cimarron and Paper Man (super) and Highway to Heaven on tv in France. I saw X 3 Matters of the heart on tv in Paris and in Brittany (France). For all dreams that you gave us. For the smiles. For the lovely souvenirs. Dieu vous bénisse. God bless you. Laurence.

  470. It is very cute and lovely voice!
    Dean Martin sang on télévision that. With a singer (woman) French.
    This words like nature and big spaces. (…)
    Thank you for this surprise.

  471. It is rare for me to write English or on one site. (for the personnes transmettent the messages : Very sorry, I torture the Shakespearian language with an impertinent répétition Grrr ! But, thank you for peaceful, lunar… ;-D ) Hello, I am arrive Just in time to wish you, with heart a very beautiful year 2014.
    Mr. Stacy your fans are everywhere and in Brittany-France too. (I try to make not long) I began with a search on a local festival planned in june and after I clicked a link… Open page on, French création on the topic -One upon a time in the West- and this nothing to do with my subject but i’ts well. After other link, I arrive then on a beautiful Américan site dédicated to the Western, « gathering of the guns Memphis film festival » Very good site of Mr. Magers. Others links, I am admiring moving video West and then I can’t believe it : James Stacy’s on one other chain ! & one, and again… « A big wave » no, rather « a tsunami » of magnificents portraits of Jim Stacy. Often you in my souvenirs. (Beautifuls créations of the fans of James Stacy on YouTube and many ladies in love. I understood : Jim Stacy beautiful sweet little face and eyes of panther. RRR) So many splendid mémories and to discover too. I saw the Web site James Drury. Now I here, on this James Stacy’s site. (Incredible, I started for a date and…What a gift!) You are an surprising & formidable actor. And very charming personne today. For the hat : 20/20. Thank you very mutch, take care of you, I wish for you a lot of « beautifuls holidays ». I’ll come back ! BONNE ET HEUREUSE ANNEE 2014 MONSIEUR JIM STACY et your Lady &…little Doggie too!! Laurence .

  472. For me, I always liked James in westerns the best, especially as a cowboy. Johnny Madrid Lancer was always my favorite, and I loved, loved, loved him in Lancer. It was a pairing of the perfect actor with the perfect role. I also adored JJ Honegger and Yankton in Gunsmoke. Joe on Cimarron Strip was another favorite. Other favorites included his roles in Posse and Something Wicked This Way Comes. Any time he was able to instill humor into a role always made it better which may be why his roles as Johnny and JJ are so endearing to me. I think James’ greatest role, however, was just being himself. As with Johnny, he has had many obstacles put in front of him that could have brought a lesser man down. Instead, he has pulled himself up, learned from mistakes, and carried on. To do all this and end up being the kind and caring person he is today, especially to all us crazies that call ourselves fans is a tribute to his stamina, character and humanity. Thank you for all the enjoyment you have provided over the years and for your generosity now.

  473. Johnny Madrid because that is the very first time I remember noticing him and since then I never stopped. I also LOVE Yankton and JJ. Anyone who didn’t fall in love with JJ isn’t watching close enough! I enjoyed Joe too. The cowboys are my favorites but then I also loved him in Heat of Anger, that was a great role, my favorite non cowboy role. I loved him in Flare Up too, the movie wasn’t great but he was. The beach scene my favorite part and the blue shirt showing off his blue eyes even more! Truly I never saw him in anything where I didn’t sit and think “He is the best”. I think if they gave him a lousy script he could make it magic. When Lancer went off I used to sit and look through the TV Guide I bought with my own money so I could check to see if he was guest starring on anything. He’s been my favorite actor since I was 13.

  474. James, I have thought of you often over the years. I’m glad you are reaching out to all your fans. I’d like to see more of your photos posted. You have always been one of my favorite actors, and I married a man who looks very similar to you.

  475. Johnny Madrid, Joe Bravo and Bob Johnson for me, he made a great cowboy but he’s good in everything. Love and the Alibi was fun too.

  476. Hi, you can’t imagine the feeling I got when I found episodes of lancer on the internet. I have loved the character johnny Madrid/lancer since I was 13. Now 57 I still love watching the programmes. So glad I have been able to write and say thank you for making me a very happy woman. Denise

  477. Although I found James watching reruns of Ozzie and Harriet , and followed his career since then. I would have to say my favorite is Johnny Madrid/Lancer. Being able to switch into Lancer and Madrid was amazing to me, then I would have to say JJ Honniger on Gunsmoke. Loved that role. Swinging Summer was the most fun and you could see his comedic side there. And Kenny Briggs proved to me what an incredible person and actor James Stacy truly is. Love all his roles but these are my top picks .

  478. Hello, James and Antigoni. So glad this website is up and running again. I love all the new photographs that keep popping up and thank you for keeping in touch with all of us. It’s a great experience and something I never thought would happen. Thank you, James, for the joy you have given me over the years, mainly from Lancer. You are an amazing man.

    Regards, Tricia B. x

  479. My favorite role would be Johnny Madrid Lancer…I love J.J. and Yankton. The role of Kenny Briggs in Just a Little Inconvenience would be my favorite movie role of James. James did more than just “act” out a role…He thoughtfully “fleshed out” the character he played. I love him so much!

  480. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I loved Lancer but only because you were on it. Glad to see you are doing well.

  481. Johnny Madrid … obviously. But other roles I loved — I’ll start with Gus Pride in the movie Heat of Anger. I normally don’t like TV/ Movie attorneys but I adored Gus. In the first 5 minutes of meeting his client, he’s yelling at him. That is real! And I loved how he would always break the office door glass. Jim Stacy held his own with screen legend Susan Hayward and Lee J. Cobb. My favorite of his Gunsmoke characters has to be the Rogue himself, JJ Honnegar. And I loved Joe Bravo from Cimmaron Strip.

  482. I just had an IM asking me what my favorite role was that Jim played. While I (obviously) loved him as Johnny Madrid — a part that seems to be both a blessing and a curse because it typecast him — I had to really think about it. Thing is, I have never seen him in a role that I didn’t like. But if I had to pick what I would want to take with me to a desert island, I’d have to go with, first, the Ozzie and Harriet show. As a teenager, that scene with him in a towel (very risque for the time) on the staircase was VERY impressive. And there was the Donna Reed Show. And the movie that really stuck with me: “A Little Inconvenience” which inspired me because of the courage it took to play that part. He should have won that Emmy. And, of course, I would take my Lancer DVD’s, and the Gunsmoke episodes. So how about the rest of you? What are your favorites?

  483. Happy belated birthday, James. Glad to see you looking so well.
    Today I watched an episode of Gunsmoke with you as a guest star. Good to see you in action. Stay well and know you have a lot of fans out there.

  484. Happy belated birthday, James Stacy. You look great! Just caught an old episode of Gunsmoke with you in it. I have been a fan from the beginning. Glad to see you looking so well in this photo. Stay positive and know you still have fans out there.

  485. Great to see the new website and the wonderful photos and memories you’ve shared on your site. Still lookin’ good – happy – healthy! Blessings!

  486. I was a fan as a child when you were on Cimmaron Strip and Lancer. Glad to see you are well best wishes

  487. I am so thankful each and every day I took the time to get in touch with you Maurice, you have been an inspiration and a great motivator to both Tina and I over the last 6 years since her accident in 2002, you have never wavered since our first conversation, you’ve always been there for us, just to have someone to talk to who can relate has basically given us our lives back, God bless you for your guidance and your friendship it means the world to us and we will never forget it… You are a very SPECIAL man..Billy

  488. James, I just wanted to say Hi and I love your website! Love your new hat too & you and Antigoni. God bless you my friend.

  489. Great website. thank you for this.Greetings from a man who grew up with jams stacy on tv in germany. It was a wonderfull time.

  490. I am waiting too in germany for this DVD. Sometime on TV we can watch here a movie with James. Not so often, but sometimes.

  491. Kerina, we sure keep hoping Fox will relent and put it out there!

  492. I loved to watch Lancer when I was a kid. Will they ever put it on DVD? I looked for it on Amazon but it was not available.

  493. Hi James & Antigoni – Not sure if you received my previous message – Char seems to think there was a problem with the website – anyway I will send it again – I saw you in Kanab 2013 and came back to Australia and started to watch Lancer again – thoroughly enjoying watching them again and some of your movies. Hope to see you in Kanab again in 2014 when I return to the USA for another visit. Hope this message finds you safe and healthy. Kind Regards Margaret.

  494. I love the new improvements to the web site. Great job. I love to see new pictures too. It’s nice to see good things happening. Hope you have a great time at the Spirit of the Cowboy festival.

  495. So great to see the website up and being able to keep up to date with what is going on. Also so love seeing new pictures! Hope to see many more.

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