Quentin Tarantino and Kirk Douglas, POSSE

It’s always fun to look back at things and to see Jim remembered by people who admired him.  This is Quentin and Kirk talking about Jim’s performance in “Posse”. Amongst other things. (Kirk was getting ansty since he really wanted to be watching football. 🙂 ) 

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  1. Hi, Laurence — Good to hear from you, Friend. Quentin is still a big fan of “Posse”, but he is also a very big fan of “Lancer”. So much so he has purchased the rights to the Intellectual Property. Hopefully we will see something new from Quentin that will bring “Lancer” back for a new audience.

  2. Did Quentin Tarentino think of doing a remake of POSSE? Perhaps…
    It appeared on the site of Jim, I remember.
    Kirk Douglas had been invited to a famous literary show in France. He spoke in a very correct French. We discovered a clever man, sagacious, human. A beautiful televised audience at the time. Everyone at school talked about it. ☺ Mr Douglas is an well-regarded actor in our family. It was the book “The son of the Rag Picker”. He returned several times to France. In 58, There was the filming “Les Vickings” (The Vikings) not far from my home, at Fort-La-Latte (in Brittany).
    In 1974, Kirk Douglas had “directed” Jim Stacy during the filming of POSSE (I was a kid and this film was violent). At that time, I hated Bruce Dern, in this “Posse Comitatus” Western. There was also a guy from Bonanza. Jim Stacy had a beard like Cat Stevens and the look that kills. The eyes of Johnny Lancer unforgettable …

  3. This was a great find – thanks! Although Douglas’s comments about Stacy are on the Volume 1 video which will eventually come up as a choice if you get the Volume 2 first.

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