8 thoughts on JS as Johnny Madrid

  1. Very, very nice! It is always a pleasure to see photos of James as Johnny Madrid, and in his many other roles as well. Thank you for browsing and then posting. Please feel free to do this as often as you’d like. 😉

  2. That photo sure brightens up one’s day ☀️
    Thank you Kit, for all your efforts in keeping Lancer, in the public eye.

  3. Love the new photos! Please keep them coming.Even though the man is gone his spirit as JML will live on.
    Thank you, Kit for all your time and efforts regarding our beloved Johnny Madrid Lancer!

  4. Beautiful picture. I love the shot! Thanks for posting it.

  5. What a magnificent Cowboy he interpreted! The character Johnny Lancer Madrid is finally quite modern, it still passes very well. He still fascinates me. And his look (eyes) intensité. Did Johnny have any similarities with Jim the actor at that time? It’s possible. This photo is
    la légende ! Thank you kit.

  6. Hi, Laurence – I always enjoy your posts. I think that Jim put a lot of himself into his portrayal of Johnny Madrid; not just the intesity of the character, but also that mischievous bad boy ready to play, and certainly ready to fight.

  7. yes thank you kit, it is a gorgeous picture if there are more do show, he show a lot of charisma

  8. It is always good to see pictures of James on here!! He will live in my heart forever.

    He was a true gentle man, and such a good actor in all the parts he played.

    Please keep posting pictures here!! Thank you so much!!!

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