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Recently, I was asked to post a comment that named a source for purchasing “Lancer” on DVD’s that are available on sites like Amazon and Ebay.

This is a copyright issue.  FOX owns the copyright on the filmstock (and there are some questions as to if it still exists in its original format) which means that the existing DVD’s that are for sale are pirated copies from when the series was running or re-run on network TV.  As such, I can not promote the sale of these DVD’s on this site, nor list the sites where they are available.

Sadly, the last “official” word I had from Fox is that there are no plans to remaster or reissue the series. I know that is a great disappointment for the fans, but it is what it is. 


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  1. Are plans still in the works for the release of the pilot episode? I want to thank you for you diligence keeping us all informed and for the wonderful job on this site for this wonderful man!

  2. That is disappointing that Fox won’t remaster the series onto DVD. There is a large fan base. They would make money on it by selling DVDs. Will they at least run the series on Fox network maybe in the wee hours of the night like 2 or 3 AM? I suffer from insomnia because of my 2013 ankle injury and associated Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome that resulted from the injury, and like to watch good shows throughout the night. I wonder if a petition would work. I will bet all the fans on this site would sign a petition asking for them to show the series. Shouldn’t cost Fox a penny to show those. They may be worried they will be out money on remastering for DVD. But to just show them, shouldn’t cost them anything.

  3. So does this also mean that the professionally produced DVD of the pilot episode that you stated was in the works has been scrapped & will also not be available for purchase?

  4. The DVD was produced by Quentin Tarantino and his staff; and is the film version used at the James Stacy Tribute that was held at Tarantino’s theatre. It was available for purchase for the benefit of Sam Peeple’s widow, Erlene. Two DVD’s were offered. An unsigned version, and a DVD autographed by Wayne Maunder. At this point, there are no more DVD’s available. If they do become available, it will be announced beforehand on Sam’s Facebook site (as well as on Fandango) and I will probably put an announcement here on the site as well.

  5. Oh gosh I’m so bummed, I kept checking back for updates on when it would become available & where I could order it but I never saw anything

  6. Heather, it is more complicated than people comprehend. Actually, when compared to other series like Bonanza, Big Valley, and especially The Virginian, the Lancer fan base is relatively small; far less than 1000 people that can be validated. So that makes the series small potatoes for a conglomerate as big as Fox. There have been many petitions put forward, and the answer from Fox has always been the same: it is just not financially feasible at this time. There are other issues as well. The format the series will filmed in was not as advanced as Technicolor or other technology that was available. So the quality of any film stock is at best questionable. The film is almost 50 years old now and who knows how well it was actually archived.

  7. Don’t give up hope. There is something still in the works, but I’m not free to discuss the details just yet.

  8. Diana – Don’t give up hope. The pilot is on DVD, and there will be some more news regarding that as soon as I have all the details. So stay turned.

  9. Hi Kit,
    I think Lancer had such top quality story lines that I rank Lancer up there at the top with Gunsmoke. I hope Fox decides to do something positive. So few TV shows these days teach lessons and morals and teach people how to treat others and accept others. Lancer did all this. It was a good family show. Plus, had the most handsome guy to walk in front of a camera. So, it had everything. Fingers crossed and prayers uplifted for something good to happen in the future.
    My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Antigoni, you, and Little Ruby. God bless you all for all you are going through and for strength to continue the path of healing.

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