On to the New Year!

The passing of the old year always brings with it a flood of memories; most of them good, and others that are filled with sadness and regret.

2016 has been horrendous on so many levels. We witnessed our nation being torn apart by one of the most vicious presidential elections any of us have experienced and the deviousness and turmoil remains.  In addition, we have lost some true national and international treasures who were a part of the entertainment industry; film and tv stars, legendary musicians, too many to name here, but undoubtedly in our hearts and memories. 

And then there is James.  This loss has been devastating; to his family, his friends, his fans, and most especially, for Antigoni.

Hopefully, 2017 will be a time for healing and remembrance.  I hope in the coming year, the fans will share their personal memories of James; what he meant to them, those times when they were fortunate enough to actually meet him, and — of course — any pictures you are willing to share.

Here’s to a better New Year for everyone!.


15 thoughts on On to the New Year!

  1. Is this “Little Maurice” ?

    Thank you for this.

    Happy new year from Germany


  2. Yes, Helmut, this is definitely “Little Maurice”. Not sure of exactly how old he was, but that wonderful smile and those mischievous eyes are already bright with the promise of what was to come.

    Frohes neues Jahr, to you and yours.

  3. Aww… that’s a very sweet photo. It seems Maurice, was preparing for those close-ups we know so well, at a very early age with those sparkling blue eyes and that happy smile. A star is born! :-)

    Thanks so much for the photo. A lovely way to start off…….Happy 2017 to you all!

  4. Yes, it does, Mary. His expression is so full of optimism, and you can certainly see a lot of his mother’s Irish charm in that face and that smile!

  5. Thank you for posting this Kit. I love those beautiful eyes, and that sweet smile even as a baby. Maurice looked like such a happy little fellow in this picture. Wonderful to know he always had that smile even as a child. Even his eyes seemed to smile. His smile and beautiful eyes are what I remember most about him.

  6. Thank you for this lovely photo to start well 2017 and forget a bit the sad moments of 2016. Wish you a very happy New Year.

  7. Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone who loved this wonderful man, even if only from across the pond, thank you.

  8. What was it about this man who touched so many hearts, including mine? I don’t know, but I know by reading all the notes and remembrances, that he was special.

  9. Oh really so cute! First, very sorry for my bad english and a big THANK YOU for you Kit. I wish the better for this year to all those who gather around his memory here. I think with emotion to the persons of Maurice’s family and fiancée.
    I just would like say, the spirit of James Stacy is precisely the free and friendly meeting on this site. Even today, in the world many persons is gathering around his memory.
    And this photo. How cute was that little smile already! So touching oui. And those eyes. That he was cute and graceful James Stacy baby! What a wonderful gift for a December 23 … I noticed, It is troubling, that my childhood teddy bear was almost the same as his teddy bear. Style, with black seams, the same paws, everything ☺^_^. (These cuddly toys were very expressive, often there was straw in it).
    When I see, this beautiful little chubby baby, I guess a boy frank and cheerful. Perhaps an optimistic nature that already likes not to be bored, have occupations (and pose for the photographer ☺☺). As someone has already written, one recognizes indeed, that childish smile, that one saw on certain spontaneous clichés, when he was seem at ease. How not to melt tenderly? What an adorable photo.

  10. I think you expressed your thoughts in English very well, Laurence! Thank you for being a part of our little family.

  11. What a sweetheart! I have never seen a baby picture of James before, the eyes and smile are undeniably him! I want to thank Antigoni for loving him all those years. She was good for him. The grief of his loss is still so overwhelming…

  12. Always such a cutie! ( love this picture! ). It is truly amazing how he touched so many lives and will live forever in our hearts

  13. Thank you kit. With the Internet, I am always Prudente. But with you I trust. I am proud and délighted to be part of this beautiful family. I confess that I am still moved by his death. I was used to see his sweet face on your site. Adorable person this boy. Not pretentious but so Friendly (je veux dire sympatique) cool and smiling. Beautiful baby, beautiful cow boy, handsome mature man, in my sweetest, memories forever. He is with the angels. Thank you for this site.☺

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