For Lancer fans…

Good news for Lancer fans. A professionally produced Lancer DVD will soon be available for fans of the series. The DVD includes a colorized version of the entire pilot episode, commercial free with smooth transition from segment to segment. The color is outstanding, and features the entire first episode as broadcast when the show first appeared in September, 1968.  Also included, a pristine version of the “trailer” that CBS aired as a promo the summer before “Lancer” premiered on network television.

Please check back for details as to where and when the DVD will be available.


18 thoughts on For Lancer fans…

  1. I can’t wait for this! I’m so excited this is happening! And it was posted on my Birthday so it really made my day!

  2. Can’t wait either pity the whole series can’t be professionally be produced!

  3. Well, this is not only good news, but great news!
    I am truly looking greatly forward to the DVD
    when it becomes available. Maybe this will lead to
    the entire 51 episode series itself being released
    “officially” on DVD….by somebody! Speaking as
    one of the fans who had to settle for the “better
    than nothing” inferior quality from 90’s broadcast
    TV declared supposedly as “public domain”
    (which I’m pretty sure is not the case at all
    as the original studio who made it in the
    first place still has to own the rights to it!)
    that has been practically all over the place
    DVD “collector’s set” of Lancer because
    there was nothing else available, this is
    certain to be a definite improvement
    over what presently is in existence and
    apparently has been for quite some time.
    If The Monroes (which James Stacy guest-
    starred in BTW) can get on DVD (recently
    released “officially”) then anything is
    possible. Lancer has a good chance as well,
    and it lasted a season longer! I say go for it! :)

  4. This is great news- hope its available for us UK fans.
    I too have a better than nothing Lancer DVD

  5. So looking forward to this! Any chance for the entire series to be released? One can only hope!

  6. Unfortunately, it is not looking good where Fox is concerned. And there is some real question about the quality — or even the existence — of any filmstock. :(

  7. Oh dear, that is not good news at all, it would be devastating if all our hopes are completely dashed. But so glad you are trying hard to get something done about it, thank you

  8. Hoping a miracle will happen and we can eventually get quality DVDs for all episodes.

  9. i don`t see why they can`t bring it out in good condition, when you can get the likes of bonanza and gunsmoke which I also liked. so a lot of crossed fingers lol, I hope everyone in James’s family are well and you kit for doing a lovely job with the fan site. thank you

  10. Sometimes the motives are blurred. The studios will release this series, because the interest is not to leave to the archives, but to sell. The présentation, a television séries again on the market, it is to do make rediscover an artistic work. So, Presenting again is still federating. And that’s good for all labels. Let’s be positive.

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